Chapter 655: Randomly Chose It From A Pile Of Trash

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There was a burst of applause from all around as everyone congratulated the Tang family.

Du Luo also looked at everything in front of him in confusion.
Su Bei had returned to the Tang family and was a member of the Tang family?

Tang Xinru smiled.
“Happy birthday, Grandpa!”

“Happy birthday, Grandpa.”

“Dad, I wish you a long life!”

The people around them also congratulated Old Master Tang for his birthday.
In an instant, the entire place fell into a sea of joy.

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Su Huixian wished she could leave, but she remembered that she had yet to give her carefully prepared gift.
She did not want to admit defeat so easily.

Instead of leaving, she waited.

The Tang family and their close relatives were among the first to give the old man their gifts.

At this moment, many guests also presented their gifts.

Su Huixian walked to Old Master Tang’s side and handed him the calligraphy piece that she had bought after much consideration.
“Old Master Tang, this is a gift that I prepared for you.
It’s calligraphy, please accept it.
I wish you a long and happy life!”

“Thank you!” Old Master Tang received the gift personally!

Most of the other gifts were handled by the butler.
Even when he received them personally, he did not open them.
He probably did not take them to heart.

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However, he personally received Su Huixian’s gift and opened it.
He said with a smile, “Since it’s a calligraphy piece, I should broaden my horizons.”

Su Huixian knew that the gift had interested him.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t open it so happily.

Su Huixian smiled and complimented him.
“Everyone knows that you love calligraphy and you’re an expert in it, so this calligraphy piece is just nice for your birthday.”

Grandfather Tang laughed and nodded.
He opened it and said, “Not bad, not bad.
It’s Qiu Wan’s handwriting!”

Someone immediately said, “Qiu Wan is a very famous calligrapher who recently appeared.
Her works are very magical.”

“It’s admirable for Miss Su Huixian to have such foresight to prepare such a gift.
Old Master Tang, today is truly a joyous occasion!”

“What are the four blessings?”

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“Firstly, happiness is a family reuniting during the spring festival; secondly, happiness is welcoming one’s own granddaughter; Thirdly, happiness is living longer than the South Mountain; Fourthly, happiness is obtaining these words.”

Old Master Tang was overjoyed.
Although Qiu Wan was too commercial and her words were a little tacky, it was still better than other gifts.

Old Master Tang’s impression of Su Huixian changed.
Although the Su family was not a good family, Su Huixian could not choose her family, after all.
She was still alright.

Hearing everyone present, Su Bei remembered that she had also prepared a gift for her grandfather.

She smiled and said, “Grandpa, I’ve also prepared a gift for you.”

“Really? What is it?” Old Master Tang immediately said happily, “I’m so happy, let me see it!”

“I know that you like calligraphy as well, so I also prepared a piece,” Su Bei said.

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Su Huixian couldn’t help but snort.
She recalled that when Su Bei bought it, it was just a few thousand yuan.
Compared to her own gift, it was a far cry.
She had just randomly chosen it from a pile of trash but was giving it as a gift.
How cheap.

She was so lucky to become a member of the Tang family.
If it were her, she would be much better than Su Bei.

When everyone saw that Su Bei also took out a calligraphy piece, they showed disapproving faces.

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