Su Bei is here.”

She was worried that Tang Yue would cause trouble for Su Bei, so she wanted to be prepared.

Su Huixian was close by and heard Tang Xinru’s instructions.
Jealousy and hatred flashed across her heart.
“Su Bei is indeed coming tonight! It seems like Tang Xinru is really willing to support her.
She’s just an artist, yet she’s attending a family event like this.”

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When Du Luo heard Su Bei’s name, he couldn’t help but be slightly stunned.

The things that Su Bei revealed last time, especially the things about her being sent to the orphanage, were actually things Du Luo didn’t know about.
It was because Su Xingfu and Xu Zhiqin used to say that Su Bei went to her maternal grandmother’s house or a summer camp, which was why she wasn’t home for a period of time.

Du Luo was convinced when he heard their explanations.

It was only now that he knew how much damage Su Bei’s parents had done to her.
He also knew that on the surface, Su Bei was elegant and unrestrained as if she didn’t care about anything.
However, she was an insecure person in reality.

However, he never paid it any attention back then…

Just as he was thinking about it, Su Huixian clung to his arm and leaned against him.
Du Luo had no choice but to retract his thoughts.
Su Huixian was not involved in Su Xingfu and Xu Zhiqin’s mistakes.
Su Huixian could not choose her parents, after all.

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Therefore, even though he knew that he had let Su Bei down, he could not hurt the innocent Su Huixian anymore.
He forced himself to stop thinking and patted the back of Su Huixian’s hand.

Lu Heting drove Su Bei over and stopped the car when they were almost at the Tang family’s residence.

This was her first time at the Tang family’s home..
Old Master Tang wanted to arrange for a chauffeur to pick her up, but she rejected him because she wanted to spend more time with Lu Heting.

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