eting was already in the car.
He had just arrived.
His clothes were still cold.

Lu Heting smiled at her.
“I was just about to call you.
This is for you.”

He pulled Su Bei and placed something in her hand.

Su Bei’s palm felt warm as she held the hot item and said in surprise, “Wow, roasted sweet potatoes! They’re very hard to buy, especially today.
I thought everyone should be home by now.”

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“Try it and see if it’s sweet.”

Su Bei took a big bite.
“It’s so sweet.
I’ll give you a bite!”

The two of them shared the roasted sweet potatoes in the car before Lu Heting drove off.

Tonight, the entire capital was filled with fireworks.
They bloomed in the sky, lighting up the entire capital city.
It was a flourishing scene.

Lu Heting drove slowly so Su Bei could enjoy the beautiful scenery outside through the window.

There were not many people on the road.
It was the best time for two people to spend time together at such a leisurely pace.

She leaned against the window as the fireworks were reflected in her eyes.

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The radio in the car was playing the song that the host had chosen.
The male singer’s voice sounded faintly, “You will always be my beloved woman.
May God guide you to a smooth path.
May fate let you meet kind people.
May the distant sunlight and the bright lights illuminate the sky for you…”

Su Bei listened attentively and suddenly remembered the time when she had told Lu Heting, “Don’t say bad things about me.
You can only say good things about me.” Then, Lu Heting told her earnestly and sincerely, “May God guide you to a smooth path.”

However, Su Bei now knew that the most important sentence was “You will always be my beloved woman”.

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