Chapter 642: I Don’t Dare To Think Highly

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However, Su Bei didn’t say much and only said, “Help me wrap it up.
Also, please help me reframe it.”

“You’ll be charged a fee for framing.”

“Sure.” Su Bei saw that the original frame was indeed a little old so it would not be too appropriate to gift it in this state.

The shop assistant in charge showed her the frame prices.
“Take a look.
You can choose the type of frame you want.
The prices range from hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands.”

Su Bei asked in detail about the different materials, and then chose a frame material that cost 10,000 yuan.

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It was not because of the price but because she felt that the calligraphy had to be properly framed in order to preserve it better.
If such a piece of calligraphy could not be properly framed and caused problems later on, it would really be a waste of the calligrapher’s painstaking efforts and talent.

When Qiu Minxuan saw this, she could not help but cover her mouth and laugh.
“This is really rare.
A calligraphy piece bought for a few thousand yuan will be framed in something that costs 10,000 yuan.
It can be seen that some people really don’t understand the craft.
Gifts aren’t about good packaging, you know.”

Zhong Xiu laughed as well.
“What do you know? This is just like a commercial product.
It doesn’t matter how good the product is.
What’s important is that it has to be beautifully packaged so that people will think it’s good just by looking at it.
It will satisfy the vanity of the person giving the gift as well as the one accepting it.”

“That’s true.
So what’s the point of such a gift? It’s just vanity.” Qiu Minxuan smiled.

Su Huixian said, “Minxuan, Zhong Xiu, cut it out.”

She had always been like this, letting them say anything they wanted.
What was the point of stopping them now?

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“Miss, it’ll take some time to frame it.
Why don’t you go for a stroll and come back later?”

Su Bei shook her head.
“I want to stay here and wait.”

Although this piece of calligraphy was not famous, Su Bei did not want anything to go wrong, so she decided to stay here and wait for it to be framed.

The shop assistant in charge was put in a difficult position.
He wanted to send Su Bei away, but Su Bei insisted on sitting here for a few hours.
What should he do?

Liao Xintong said, “Shop assistant, if the customer wants to stay, so be it.
It’s not important.
You should introduce the works here to us.”

Because Su Bei had bought something, the shop assistant in charge could not just dismiss her.
He said, “Then please wait here for a while and drink some tea.
Our in-house professional will frame it for you immediately.”

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Su Bei sat down.

The young man nodded at Su Bei and left.

He was not satisfied with what he saw in the shop today.
It turned out that when he, the young boss, was not in the shop, the shop assistant managing the shop did things like this.
The shop assistant in charge was hired with a high salary but was superficial and unprofessional in his work.
He was very familiar with this type of service where the staff only treated distinguished guests and wealthy people well.

When the shop assistant in charge saw that he was nearly done dealing with Su Bei, he quickly returned to Su Huixian and Liao Xintong.
He said, “These are all good stuff.
I wonder which piece of calligraphy Miss Liao has her eyes on? I believe that with Miss Liao’s keen eyes, my humble commentary is unnecessary.
I also want to hear Miss Liao’s opinion!”

Liao Xintong smiled and said, “I don’t dare to think so highly of myself, but I think this 800,000 yuan calligraphy has beautiful handwriting and fits Miss Su’s requirements.”

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