Chapter 639: Live More Excitingly

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Su Huixian was really puzzled.

Of course, the Liao family relied on the Lu family to make a name for themselves.
Even though Lu Heting didn’t like the Liao family at all, it didn’t stop Old Master Lu and the others from being biased.

For someone like Old Master Lu, even the slightest wave of his finger was enough for a big family to rise.

However, the Liao family did not dare to show off to the public.
Even if Liao Xintong wanted to show off and her heart was about to jump out of her throat, she had to hold it in.
Otherwise, she did not know how terrifying Lu Heting’s disgust for her would be.

She didn’t even dare to let Lu Heting hear any negative news about the Liao family.
She was afraid that the Liao family wouldn’t be able to enjoy their luxurious lives the next second.

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The shop assistant in charge brought a bunch of items over and asked Liao Xintong and Su Huixian to choose.

Su Huixian looked at them.
It was indeed difficult to make a decision.

She looked at Qiu Minxuan, who hurriedly said, “Miss Liao is the real expert, and Huixian, you know a lot about these things too.
For someone like me who can only admire from afar, I think everything looks good, but I don’t know how to choose.”

Zhong Xiu also said, “That’s right.
Miss Liao is very knowledgeable about this.
Sister Huixian, you also often practice calligraphy and know a lot about these calligraphers.
I’m an ordinary person.
I don’t even know what’s written on it.
They all look good to me.”

Su Huixian said, “Miss Liao, why don’t you help me choose? You’re the most outstanding person here.
We all believe in your choice.
It can’t be wrong.”

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Liao Xintong was about to make her choice when a beautiful figure appeared outside the door.
Su Bei’s outstanding smile appeared in front of everyone.

She was wearing a white down jacket and a pair of black knee-length boots.
She was dressed very simply, but her temperament was very refined.
Her chestnut-colored hair made her look even more charming, yet her eyes were extremely pure.

This kind of pure and flirtatious temperament was perfect for her.

When Su Huixian saw her appear, she could not help but clench her hands into fists.
All of her embarrassment previously was caused by Su Bei! If it weren’t for her, she would be the one invited to the four fashion shows.
Those negative news would never have been released!

As for Su Bei, she was only getting more and more beautiful while her life grew more exciting.

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Liao Xintong had some conflicts with Su Bei too.
The model Sun Man whom she thought highly of was personally taken down by Su Bei.
That was why she was dealt with by the rich second-generation Mai Shanheng.

Seeing Su Bei, Liao Xintong’s expression did not look good.

The shop assistant in charge was an observant person.
When he saw that Liao Xintong and Su Huixian didn’t like Su Bei, he knew that Su Bei wasn’t welcome here.

Moreover, those who could come here to buy calligraphy and paintings were all daughters of wealthy families.
These paintings were only used for socializing.
It was just like those luxurious bags carried by socialites and noble ladies.
They were all symbols of status.
Did they really like the words or the workmanship of those bags?

For example, the bags in Liao Xintong and Su Huixian’s hands were from well-known luxury brands worth hundreds of thousands.

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Su Bei, on the other hand, was casually carrying a bag that looked like it was only worth a few tens of dollars.

Because she had always been casual, she never bought clothes according to how expensive they were but how comfortable they were..

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