Hurrying behind Lu Heting, Lu Weijian asked, “Brother, where are you going with Gun Gun? Are you guys going on a trip? Can I come too?”

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Lu Heting just ignored him and continued packing his things.

Looking at the things that the father and son were packing, Lu Weijian realized that it looked less like they were going on a trip and more like they were moving to a new house.

He ran over to the little boy and asked, “Gun Gun, where are you guys going?”

“My cute Bei Bei invited me to live with her.
It’s like a dream come true! That’s why I’m moving to her house today.
Don’t be too jealous, but Bei Bei’s house is amazing.
Her bed is soft and comfortable, her sofa is cozy, the food she makes is super delicious, and she smells so sweet and fragrant.
I slept next to her last night!”

Hearing this, Lu Weijian felt hurt.
It seemed that even a little boy like Gun Gun had a cute girlfriend.
Being a single man was really hard!

“Did my brother agree to let you move there?”

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“Daddy is moving in with me,” Gun Gun said, blinking his eyes innocently.
“But Bei Bei likes me so much more!”

“Wait…Bei Bei? You mean Su Bei? Isn’t that the name of my brother’s wife? Isn’t he going to bring her home?”

Gun Gun shook his head angrily.
“Bei Bei said she likes me more! She doesn’t like your brother that much!”

Lu Weijian felt his ears burning.
It seemed that Gun Gun had really changed.
When he was in a good mood, he would refer to Lu Heting as “Daddy,” but now that he was jealous, he referred to him as “your brother.”

“Brother, are you really going to move to my sister-in-law’s house?” Lu Weijian asked, rushing over to Lu Heting’s room.

“Yes.” Lu Heting was in a good mood, since Su Bei had taken the initiative to invite them to stay.

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Of course, he also knew that the main reason she had extended such an invitation was for Gun Gun’s sake.

When he was done packing his things into the biggest suitcase, which was now completely full, he raised his head and shot Lu Weijian a pointed look.
“Listen, Su Bei thinks that I’m your driver.
Don’t expose me.”

“What? What kind of role play are you guys in?” Lu Weijian was dumbfounded.

“She has always thought that I am your driver.”

Lu Weijian let out a low whistle.
“Brother, you’re really something else! I have more respect for you than before! You managed to win her over even like this.
But anyone who sees you can tell that you’re not a driver.”

Lu Heting rolled his eyes.
“It’s all your fault.”

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Lu Weijian thought about it carefully.
His sister-in-law’s name was Su Bei.
He knew that she was the daughter of the head of the Su family even several years ago.
Sure enough, he had seen her a few times at parties.

All those times, he had been so drunk that he had clamored for his driver to pick him up, but in the end, it was his brother who had come to pick him up.
In his drunken state, he hadn’t explained his brother’s identity to anyone.

It turned out that he was, in fact, the one to blame for this misunderstanding.

Lu Heting and Gun Gun went over to Su Bei’s residence carrying two huge suitcases.

“Bei Bei, I want to live with you! I want to put all my things in your room,” Gun Gun said, pushing his suitcase directly into Su Bei’s room.

Su Bei smiled.
“Fine, you can stay in my room.
Lu, you can keep all your things in the other bedroom.
That bedroom is for you.”

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Lu Heting’s face darkened as he watched Su Bei and Gun Gun go into the master bedroom.

His wife had been away for five years.
Now that they were finally reunited, why did they still have to sleep in separate bedrooms?

From the master bedroom came the sound of hearty laughter from Su Bei and Gun Gun.
Hearing Su Bei’s sweet laugh softened Lu Heting’s heart.

He would have to be patient for the time being.

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