Chapter 636: The Bond Of Blood

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After getting into the car with Lu Heting and Su Bei, Feng Cheng buried his head in his hands as if he could not catch his breath.
His body was shrouded in a dark cloud.

He said that he was here to get something.
But when he left, his hands were empty.

Su Bei did not ask.
Everyone had their own experiences and secrets.
If he felt it was appropriate, he would choose to tell them about it.

After returning, Feng Cheng did not say anything.

However, when Su Bei and Lu Heting went back to their house, he sent a long message:

“In the past, Master brought me and my senior to learn many things about jewelry and porcelain.
We could even make jewelry and porcelain that looked like the real thing.
However, Master taught us that these things are fake and cannot be passed off as the original works.
They can be viewed as crafts, but they can’t be used to pass off as the original works.

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“However, after Master passed away, my senior brought these fake things into the market.
He even made up lies, allowing him to become a master in the jewelry and porcelain world.
Everything we had in the beginning was all used up by him.

“The things that were smashed just now were the things that Master taught us to make back then.
Although they’re exquisite, none of them are real.
What’s the point of keeping them? However, the people of the world believe in those exquisite counterfeits and refuse to believe in the simple truth.
I don’t know if it’s my sorrow or everyone’s sorrow.
So, I had to destroy the fakes.”

When Su Bei saw the messages, she understood the pain in his heart.

No wonder he smashed so many things.

Who is Feng Cheng’s senior who was fooling the world?

Presumably, Feng Cheng would only give this answer after he was ready.

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Su Bei took out the necklace that Feng Cheng had repaired and looked at it carefully.
It was indeed very detailed.
After it was repaired, no problems could be seen with the naked eye.

With Feng Cheng’s ability, he could go even further.

In the blink of an eye, it was the most important holiday in S Country.
It was Lunar New Year.
This was the most important day in S Country, and it was also the day that families reunited.

Da Bao was still in another country, accompanying Feng Ze.

On the other hand, Gun Gun was also staying in the old residence with Old Master and Old Madam.

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Su Bei received Old Master Tang’s call.

“Su Bei, come back during Lunar New Year, okay?” Old Master Tang’s voice was filled with hope.

After acknowledging Su Bei, he followed Su Bei’s wishes and did not disturb her or interfere with her work.
He was showing her the greatest respect.

Su Bei could not reject his good intentions.
“Then I’ll find a time to come back.”

“I’ll give you some time.
I’ll get the driver to pick you up and bring you home.
The whole family will be here, so we can take this opportunity to let everyone meet you.” Old Master Tang was elated to hear that she was coming back.

Su Bei hung up the phone but was a little nervous.

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It was probably because of Tang Yue that she could not imagine how much warmth existed in the Tang family…

“Go ahead.
At least Grandpa treats you well.” Lu Heting encouraged her to go home.

This was regarding the bond of blood and also a problem that she had to face on her own.
No one else could do it for her..

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