Chapter 635: Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

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When they arrived at the place where Feng Cheng used to live, Su Bei knew that this could not be called a residence.

This street was in a very remote place in the capital.
It couldn’t even be called a street.
It was probably more suitable to be called a slum.
There was rubbish everywhere, and flies were flying everywhere in the winter.
There was no clean spot to step on.

Occasionally, people would appear with stiff expressions and dull eyes.

The houses here could not be called houses.
They were just sheds that were casually built and came in all styles.

If she had not come here personally, it would be hard to imagine that such a place existed in a modern city.

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Feng Cheng pushed open a door and entered the shed he used to live in.

There was no light source inside.
Lu Heting protected Su Bei with one hand and turned on the flashlight on his phone with the other.

When the light filled the room, he and Su Bei looked at each other and saw surprise in each other’s eyes.

It was because the room was filled with all sorts of exquisite porcelain.
Su Bei had once participated in a museum exhibition.
Why did she feel that these things were even more exquisite than the ones displayed in the exhibition?

Were these all real?

Lu Heting reached out to touch one.
He was quite familiar with the collection here.
The items were expensive.
He had done some research on them.

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He was unable to determine whether the items before him were real or fake.

“Feng Cheng, where did you get these things? What’s going on?” Su Bei’s mind was full of questions.” Are you going to bring all these back?”

Feng Cheng shook his head.
He picked up something that looked like exquisite blue and white porcelain before smashing it on the ground.

“Hey! Feng Cheng, don’t waste such a precious item.
You can put it at home and put flowers in it!” Su Bei’s heart ached when she saw the scene.
The workmanship of these things was too exquisite.
Even under the dim light, it made one’s heart palpitate.


Wouldn’t it be too much of a pity to just smash it like that?

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However, Feng Cheng only gave her an apologetic look before continuing to smash these things.

Only then did Su Bei see that he was not only smashing porcelain but also jade, jewelry of various colors, and some exquisite furniture.

How many good things were hidden here?

Lu Heting grabbed Su Bei and shook his head at her, indicating that she didn’t need to meddle.

These things belonged to Feng Cheng.
He had the freedom to deal with them however he wanted.
Even if they were all real, he would smash them all.

Su Bei’s heart ached.
If these were real, then even if they were Feng Cheng’s, they were still the world’s treasures.
It would be a pity to smash them.

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She really could not stand it.

Hence, Su Bei walked out.
Out of sight, out of mind.

Lu Heting walked out with her, no longer watching Feng Cheng smash the things.
They let him be.

The sound of things being smashed could be heard from the shed.
The people around them were already used to it.
It was as if nothing in the outside world could attract their attention.
Those who were sunbathing were still sunbathing while those who were scratching their feet were still scratching their feet.

“I wonder when he’ll be done smashing them?” Su Bei touched her face and thought.

Just as she was thinking about it, Feng Cheng had already walked out..
His face had a sickly pale color as if smashing those things had exhausted a tremendous amount of effort in him.

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