Chapter 629: I Don’t Have A Home

Although her necklace was the company’s and not worth much, she would still have treated him to a few delicious meals for it.

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The man was still in a daze.
When he heard Su Bei’s words, his eyes suddenly turned red as if someone finally trusted him and understood him.

When he received the food just now, he only showed a little gratitude.

Only at this moment did he reveal his vulnerability, and his eyes turned moist.

He reached out to Su Bei.

Su Bei did not understand what he meant.
He waved his hand anxiously and wanted to say something but could not.

Su Bei thought of the necklace and took it out again before handing it to him.
The necklace was not in good shape as it had been knocked against, so there were a few faulty areas.
The hooks were also worn out now.
This was the reason why the necklace had fallen and also why Su Bei was not wearing it now.

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After receiving the necklace, he quickly placed it on a nearby table.
He picked up some tools that couldn’t really be called tools.
It was a toothpick that was taken out of a fast food packaging.
He quickly fiddled with the things.

Su Bei saw that he seemed to want to speak but did not know how to.
She recalled that she had also suffered from aphasia back then.

At the time, she had lost count of the number of times she had been sent to the orphanage.
Due to her father’s face and the discussions outside, Su Bei was unable to make a sound or speak.

The doctor said that she was suffering from a psychological disorder and needed to be nursed back to health.

Su Xingfu did not have the time to care about Su Bei, while Xu Zhiqin and Su Huixian hated her to the core.
Almost no one in the Su family cared about her.

That was when Du Luo extended his hand to her and gave her warmth.
It made her take a liking to him, and that was when she first experienced love.

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It was also the reason why she firmly believed that she would not marry anyone other than him.

She thought that perhaps this man in front of her had also experienced something and found it hard to speak now.

Just as she was thinking about it, the man handed her the necklace again.
Su Bei took it and looked at it.
She could not help but be surprised.
He had somehow managed to fix the damaged parts of the necklace.

There were no professional tools or items.
He merely took some things that could be used and restored the necklace that was damaged.

Su Bei really did not know how he did it.

This was too amazing!

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Thinking about this, Su Bei asked for a pen and paper from the nurse before placing them in front of him.
“Do you know how to write? If you do, tell me where your family is.
I’ll help you contact them.”

‘I didn’t chase those girls because I wanted to do something bad.
It’s because I saw that their accessories were damaged and about to fall off.’ He wrote this sentence on the paper.

It was really similar to what Su Bei had thought, but there seemed to be something off with this man’s mind.
He was beaten up so many times because of such a small matter.

He then answered Su Bei’s question and wrote: ‘I don’t have a home.
I don’t know where to go.’

His handwriting was neat and tidy.
He looked like he was an educated man.

However, since he said that he had no home, that was probably the case.

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Besides, some people had a home but it was no different from not having one..

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