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Who knew if Su Bei had slept with some old man? Weren’t there still rumors that an old man had once helped Su Bei out?

At least the man in front of her now did not look that old.
He could actually be considered quite young.
It was not a loss for her.

Thinking of that, Hao Jiali picked up a glass of red wine and smiled.
Zhao, let me give you a toast!”

Zhao Xingtian clinked glasses with her and held her hand.

Seeing that, Jian Ping smiled and said, “I’m going to see if the dishes are ready.
Why are they taking so long today?”

She left, knowing that Hao Jiali and Zhao Xingtian had succeeded.

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Xingtian Entertainment’s top model, who enjoyed popularity for a long time, had already retired and went to America to start a fashion business.
There were no other models that could fight for the top position.

If Hao Jiali could gain Xingtian Entertainment’s support, she would soon become the top artist of Xingtian Entertainment.

Defeating Su Bei would be nothing difficult then.

Hao Jiali happened to be pleasing Zhao Xingtian.
Meanwhile, Jian Ping wouldn’t be idle either.
She secretly found a marketing account to release a statement that would harm Su Bei.

[Su Bei only got invited to the four fashion weeks all because of her main sponsor!

[Robbing resources and working carelessly.
Su Bei doesn’t care at all! It’s good to have an old man to support you!

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[You’re lazy and earn fast money, but you can still get good resources? Is it because of the power of capital or is everyone blind?]

With these few statements, Su Bei was said to be lacking in ability and did not put much effort into her work..
Most of the good resources were gotten for her by her backer, who was an old man.

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