Chapter 615: No Merit, No Reward

Lu Heting thought of something and smiled indulgently.

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Su Bei must have done a lot of homework.
She realized that he had only posted Lu Bei’s photos on Weibo and thought that the artist he liked was Lu Bei.
She thought he only happened to vote for her, so she got someone to prepare a bunch of Lu Bei’s merchandise for her.

No matter what she did, she was always serious.
She treated her fans even more sincerely, and the gifts from the lottery were not simply given.

When Lu Hang saw Lu Heting’s doting smile, he was stunned.
Lu was smiling at a bunch of photos of Lu Bei.
He seemed to be… satisfied and cherished these things?

“There’s nothing else for you to do.
Go busy yourself with other matters,” Lu Heting said casually.
He stood up and picked up the doll of Lu Bei.
He placed it on the bookshelf and repeatedly searched for a good position and angle.
He only stopped when it was placed perfectly.

Lu Hang retreated as he watched, knocking his head against the office door.

Lu Heting looked back at him unhappily.

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Lu Hang fled in fright.

What happened to Mr.

Tang Yue arranged to meet Su Bei.

When she saw Su Bei in the high-class cafe, she took out a bank card and pushed it over.
“This is for you.”

“No merit, no reward.
I don’t seem to have any business dealings with you recently?” Su Bei gently pushed the card back.

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“Su Bei, you know now that you’re my sister.
It’s only right for an older sister to take care of her younger sister.
You deserve it.”

Su Bei slightly curled her lips and elegantly picked up her cup of coffee.
She smiled and said, “Then there’s no need.”

She knew all too well that Tang Yue was only giving her this sum of money to make up for the mistake she had almost made and to make her family think that she was a good sister.

Su Bei was not familiar with this kind of family rivalry, but she had been taught this lesson by Su Huixian previously.
If she still did not understand at this point, wouldn’t she have long been suppressed by Tang Yue?

“This is the family’s way of making it up to you.
Su Bei, Dad, Mom, and I did nothing wrong when you got lost.
Accept the money and move back.
Don’t take it to heart anymore.” Tang Yue’s tone was very forceful.
She was used to being the daughter of the Tang family and her parents’ only precious daughter.
How could she not be domineering?

Su Bei was well aware that she was asking her to move back only because it would be easier for Tang Yue to make a move against her.

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Su Bei did not really understand Tang Yue, nor did she know how much kindness and malice the Tang family had toward her.
However, she could clearly feel the malice coming from Tang Yue… Even though Tang Yue’s words and actions seemed to be for her own good.

“I know you guys are right.
This has nothing to do with right or wrong.
Just like how I won’t move back, it has nothing to do with right or wrong.
Tang Yue, please tell your family that I won’t move back.
I have my own life.
I’m really… really sorry about it.” Su Bei’s apology was for her elders, not Tang Yue.

Besides, she already had a small family of her own.
Her husband and children needed her protection.

With Lu Heting’s profession and job, how could she not be picked on when she returned to the Tang family? How much love could Da Bao and Gun Gun get from them?

She would not forsake the interests of her family just because she wanted to gain the love of her parents.

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