“Yes, I won’t lie to Gun Gun.” Su Bei kissed him on the cheek.

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Satisfied, Gun Gun put his head on Su Bei’s shoulder and wrapped his arms around her neck.
“Bei Bei is the cutest girl in the world!”

Su Bei kissed him again.

Lu Heting was speechless.

Feeling left out, his heart beat very fast.
He wished he could turn into Gun Gun and accept the kiss.

“Su Bei, do you agree to take back that thing now?” Lu Heting’s pleasant voice was full of sexy honesty.
He stared at Su Bei with his obsidian-like eyes, as if there was a magnetic field that was about to suck her in.

His gaze made Su Bei’s heart skip a beat.

This man was so horrible!

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She hurriedly looked away to see Gun Gun.
“Gun Gun, stay for dinner, okay?”

“Okay.” Gun Gun immediately raised his hand and agreed.

Su Bei smiled, “I’ll go to the kitchen to prepare the food.
Stay here obediently.”

“Bei Bei wants me to have dinner with her.” Gun Gun looked at Lu Heting with complacent eyes.

“Bei Bei is my wife,” Lu Heting said calmly.

Gun Gun pouted and suddenly puffed out his chest, “Bei Bei said she would choose me!”

“Bei Bei is my wife!” When Lu Heting repeated this fact, his heart was filled with tenderness.

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“Humph! Humph!” Then Gun Gun ran to Su Bei.

Su Bei was finally relieved.
When would she tell Lu Heting about Da Bao?

With such a cute brother like Gun Gun, Da Bao would definitely not be lonely in the future.

“Dinner is ready!” Su Bei came out with the plates.

She had preserved the tender steak in salt and fried it.
She also prepared dumplings and broccoli for dinner, which were all Da Bao’s favorite food.

Lu Heting and Gun Gun washed their hands and sat down, waiting for Su Bei to send them the food.

Looking at the food on the plate, Gun Gun picked up the knife and fork excitedly and said like a gentleman, “Then I’ll start.”

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It was his first time to have dinner with a girl he liked.
He must be perfect!

He cut the steak and ate it carefully.
Then he ate all the dumplings and broccoli.

The plate was empty.

“I’m going to get some dessert.” Su Bei took out a durian cake and a mango cake from the fridge.
She cut a durian flavor cake and put a piece of it on Gun Gun’s plate.

She handed another piece of durian cake to Lu Heting.
Seeing that he pursed his thin lips, she quickly took it back and said, “Sorry, it seems that you don’t like this.”

“How do you know I don’t like this?” There was a flicker of doubt in Lu Heting’s eyes.

He didn’t say anything, and he believed that she didn’t know much about him.

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“Because… Because I have a friend who always keeps his mouth shut like you when he meets something he doesn’t like.
He also hated durians.
But I like it.” With a smile, Su Bei changed the mango cake for him.

The so-called friend was actually Da Bao.
Da Bao’s action and expression were exactly the same as that of Lu Heting.
She knew it at a glance.

She stretched out her hands to change the cake for Gun Gun.
Gun Gun held his fork.
“I like it too! I like the same thing as Bei Bei likes.”

Lu Heting squinted at him and asked, “When did you learn to eat it?”

You didn’t buy it for me before, but I know how to eat it after I have one mouthful.” Gun Gun gulped down the food and his cheeks bulged up.
He looked like a squirrel.

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