Chapter 605: How Much Hardships Did You Suffer?

Everyone turned to look at the source of the voice, only to see an imposing old man walking over with his eyebrows raised in anger.

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Everyone was stunned, not knowing who this elder was.

However, Huang Zhixian had been working in Beauty for a long time and was Jian Ping’s cousin, so he immediately recognized him as Old Master Tang from Sheng Tang.

The old man didn’t care about Sheng Tang Entertainment’s business.
The Tang family had other businesses, so not many people in the entertainment industry had seen him before.
However, those who knew him knew that he was a very influential figure in the entertainment industry.

Seeing that Su Bei was cold, Old Master Tang angrily shouted at Xiao Bai, “Xiao Bai, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get Su Bei a jacket to cover her up!”

“Yes, yes.” Xiao Bai hugged her clothes and rushed toward Su Bei.

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However, at this moment, a tall figure rushed past Xiao Bai and walked toward Su Bei.

His entire body exuded an aura that was even more terrifying than the biting cold enveloping them.
It made people feel as if the snowstorm had become more serious.
It was so cold that they couldn’t help but shiver and tremble.

He was wearing a thick coat, a hat, and a mask.
People could only see his tall figure but could not see his face clearly.
Those who did not know would think that he was Su Bei’s bodyguard.

No one knew that he was the most powerful person in Lu Group, Lu Heting.

He was worried about Su Bei coming to this freezing place alone to film.
After Su Bei left, he quickly handled his work and finally settled the things that needed to be settled.
Those that could be pushed back were pushed back.
He forcefully freed up two days of his schedule so he could meet Su Bei here.

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No matter how quickly he rushed over, he still arrived at the place half a day later than Su Bei.

When Lu Heting got out of the car, he happened to see Old Master Tang reprimanding Huang Zhixian.
He didn’t have to ask any questions.
Just looking at Su Bei’s thin dress while she was standing in the snow, he knew that Su Bei had suffered a lot!

He stepped forward and wrapped Su Bei in his arms.
Her body was covered in tiny particles of ice, and she was almost frozen stiff.
His heartache was just like the cold, piercing and biting.

He reached out his hands and rubbed her shoulders and back, getting her blood to circulate.

Su Bei’s body started warming up and returning to normal.
She looked up and saw Lu Heting’s face clearly.
She thought she was dreaming.
“Lu Heting, why are you here?”

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Lu Heting lowered his head and kissed her frozen lips, using his warmth to warm her up.

Xiao White wanted to send the jacket over, but when she saw this scene, she was shocked and didn’t dare to go forward.
She started working with Su Bei late and didn’t know that Lu Heting and Su Bei were already married.

She quickly looked at the photography team and realized that the man’s back was facing them.
From their angle, they could not see what the man and Su Bei were doing.

Furthermore, Old Master Tang was already enraged.
The people on the other side were no longer able to place their attention on Su Bei.

“Give it to me,” Lu Heting said to Xiao Bai.

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Xiao Bai quickly handed over a thick jacket, a heat patch, and a bottle of hot water.

Lu Heting put on the thick jacket for Su Bei and placed the heat patch in her hands before carrying her up horizontally and walking toward the hotel.

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