Chapter 594: Too Many Scandals

“Who are you and what do you want?” Tang Yue was not afraid.
At this kind of occasion, these people would not do anything.

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“President Tang invites you over.”

Tang Yue was brought to a secluded place where Tang Xinru was waiting for her.

“President Tang, she’s here.”

Tang Yue was no longer afraid.
It was just Tang Xinru.
What could she do to her?

Tang Xinru turned around and fixed her wise gaze on Tang Yue as she said calmly, “Put away your tricks tonight.”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

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“You know what I mean.
There’s no point in doing what you want to do under such circumstances,” Tang Xinru said.
“Don’t tell me you want Grandpa to know your intentions?”

Tang Yue’s expression changed slightly.

Her family might not know what kind of criticisms Su Bei would receive if she publicly acknowledged Su Bei, but Tang Xinru had been in the circle for a long time and knew her cousin’s hidden intentions.

If Tang Xinru fanned the flames in front of Grandpa, she would be the one to suffer.

Tang Yue said unhappily, “Cousin, this is our family’s matter.
Aren’t you meddling in?”

Tang Xinru glanced at her.
“Su Bei is under me.
No one can touch her.”

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Her attitude was firm.
Tang Yue also knew that her cousin was indeed willing to risk her life to protect the artists under her.
Hence, the artists under her were all extremely loyal.
This was also the main reason why Tang Yue could not snatch management rights of the entire Sheng Tang even after all these years.

After saying this, Tang Xinru turned around and left, taking the two bodyguards in black with her.

Clearly, she was very confident in herself.
If Tang Yue had any sense, she should seriously reconsider things.

Tang Xinru had just walked out when the ninth model’s name was announced on stage.
Su Bei’s name had yet to be called out!

However, the moment she sat down, the two supermodel presenters on stage finally shouted the name that she had been looking forward to hearing for a long time.
“Su Bei!”

Tang Xinru’s expression relaxed.

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The top ten models of the year were announced and all ten models went on stage.

Hao Jiali and Su Huixian both did not make it.
One of them was hardworking but could not shine bright enough, while the other was embroiled in too many scandals that could not be forgotten.

When Su Bei heard her name, she was slightly happy, but she immediately calmed down.
Everything that happened in the past half a year seemed to appear in front of her eyes.
She thought about how she came back from America to entrust Da Bao to the man, but not only did she not entrust Da Bao to anyone, she even gained a huge gain!

Furthermore, her relationship with Lu Heting had improved by leaps and bounds.
She had also received the greatest support from Sheng Tang.
It was also because Lu Heting spared no effort in helping her that she was able to get to where she was now.

She had done her part as a model and did her work as best as she could.
However, it was because Lu Heting and the rest had shielded her from the attacks from all directions that she had an easier time.

She was safe and sound because someone was helping her to face the darkness in front of her.

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She went on stage.
She managed to stand out even among the models with her long legs that made her look exceptionally tall.
Her eyes were bright, and her face was the size of a palm.
Her facial features were well-proportioned.
Her face did not look like a supermodel’s but the aura she gave off was the most fitting.

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