Chapter 585: Huge Information

Since she had no fate with her parents and was unable to get parental love, she would just focus on being a qualified mother to the children.

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When Old Master Tang heard her reply, his heart skipped a beat.
From Su Bei’s words, why did he feel that she did not know the truth about the Tang family and her background? What exactly did Tang Yue say to her, then?

“Su Bei…” Old Master Tang continued.

However, Su Bei’s phone rang and she quickly picked it up.
“Brother Yue Ze, yes, I’ve gotten rid of the paparazzi.
Okay, I’ll be right back.”

She hung up the phone and said to Old Master Tang, “Grandpa, are you sure you can contact your family on your own? I still have something to do, so I have to leave.”

“Sure, go ahead,” Old Master Tang replied.

Although he really wanted to chat with Su Bei for a while more, he could not delay her work.

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After Su Bei said goodbye to him, she walked away.
Coincidentally, Old Master Tang’s chauffeur had arrived and quickly walked to his side.

Seeing that his family had arrived, Su Bei left without any more thoughts.

“Old Master, are you alright?” The driver quickly made an emergency call.

“I’m fine.
They’re just small scratched.
I’ll just go back and apply some medicine.” Old Master Tang watched Su Bei’s figure leave.
A smile appeared on his aged face.
He was in a good mood.

Based on his short interaction with Su Bei, he knew she was not an arrogant girl.
It did not seem that she harbored hatred and malice toward the family who accidentally lost her.

On the contrary, she appeared to be very calm and had good intentions.
One could tell that she had a good heart.

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Why would Tang Yue say those things, then? Old Master Tang did not doubt his other granddaughter much.
He merely felt that there might be some misunderstanding between the youngsters.

After this, he might approach Su Bei a few more times.

Over here, Lu Heting quickly found out that Old Master Tang had met Su Bei.

As they were investigating why Old Master Tang would appear around Su Bei, Lu Heting naturally had some doubts after learning that Old Master Tang was taking the initiative.

Lu, I’ve got everything you wanted.” Lu Hang’s voice interrupted Lu Heting’s thoughts.

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Lu Heting reached out to take the documents.
Without hesitation, he flipped through them carefully, reading every detail.

Su Bei went missing from the Tang family when she was two years old…

He continued to read through the information and learned a lot from the documents.

When he was done, he reached out and pressed his forehead.

All of his doubts were confirmed at this moment.

Su Bei was the younger daughter of the Tang family who went missing long ago.
She was not even two years old when they lost her.
Since then, the Tang family had been searching for her.
However, because the child’s appearance had changed and the Tang family continued to use Su Bei’s childhood photos to search for her, of course, they were never able to find her.

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In addition, Su Bei did not remember much herself.
She did not remember her home address or her parents’ phone numbers.
She could only stay in the orphanage where she was sent to by some kind people.

When she arrived at the orphanage, she only remembered her nickname.
Soon after, the people at the orphanage changed her name and she lost contact with the Tang Family.

After Su Bei went to the orphanage, she was adopted by Chen Xiuzhu and brought back to the Su family because she was cute and smart.

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