Chapter 584: Up To Fate

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Old Master Tang did not know if Su Bei was intentionally helping him because of his true identity or if it was purely out of kindness.

If she did not know his identity, her actions were too precious.

“Shh.” Su Bei made a shushing gesture again until the group of people had run far away.
Then, she said, “I just finished attending an event and the paparazzi followed me.
Then, with the help of my manager, I slipped out from the back door.
Grandpa, I won’t take your phone.
If you like me, I can even give you an autograph.”

Old Master Tang understood and chuckled.
“It seems like it’s my lucky day.”

The two pigeons that had already escaped obediently returned to their cage.
Su Bei brought the cage over and placed them in front of him, gently playing with the two extremely obedient pigeons.

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“There’s still one left.” Old Master Tang quickly looked around.

Su Bei looked up and saw a pigeon perched on a tree.

These pigeons were all messenger pigeons and could understand their master’s orders.
Old Master Tang called out twice, but the pigeon didn’t come down.

Su Bei looked carefully and said, “I think its leg is caught by a tree branch.”

“Then I can only get someone to come and help.”

“No need.
I’ll give it a try.” Su Bei lightly grabbed the tree branch and jumped up to the pigeon.

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She quickly removed the branch that was caught to the pigeon’s leg.
The pigeon regained its freedom and flew toward Old Master Tang.

Old Master Tang watched Su Bei’s actions and couldn’t help but tremble with fear.
“Take it easy!”

“I’m fine.” Su Bei’s movements were light as she returned to Old Master Tang’s side.

She also helped Old Master Tang check the injuries on his legs and found that they did not impact his bones.
There were just scratches.
It was just that the old man had difficulty getting up.
Now that he had rested for a while, he could get up again.

“Grandpa, should I call your family to pick you up?” Su Bei asked.

In the short time that Old Master Tang had spent with Su Bei, he felt that she was completely different from the woman Tang Yue described.
She was already a big star, yet she still helped others sincerely when they were in trouble.

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Just her personality alone was commendable.
Did she really hold a deep grudge against the Tang family?

“It’s fine, I’ll call them myself later,” Old Master Tang said casually.
“I saw you attending an event last time and you said you weren’t from the Su family.
Is that true?”

Su Bei smiled.
“Grandpa, you’ve been watching the news in the entertainment industry? Actually, it’s nothing much.
I already knew about it, and I had made preparations to not be liked by the Su family.
Therefore, it was no big deal to announce it.”

“Have you thought about finding your real family?” Old Master Tang asked in a deep voice.

“It’s up to fate.
Besides, no one knows where they are.” After being asked this question, Su Bei only thought for a short while before calmly replying.

In the past, she had thought of finding her biological family to make up for the kinship that she had lost for so many years..
However, after getting Da Bao and Gun Gun, she no longer thought much about this.

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