Chapter 580: Don’t Wear It Every Day

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These bow ties were perfect for Lu Heting, Da Bao, and Gun Gun!

After getting the clothes, Su Bei went to Lu Corporation’s parking lot early to wait for Lu Heting.

Lu Heting received her WeChat message.
After sorting out his work, he passed the rest to Lu Hang and rushed downstairs.

When he saw the woman’s familiar car, his lips curled up and the warmth in his eyes chased away his coldness.
He then strode toward her car.

“Lu Heting, get in the car!”

After he sat down, Su Bei fixed the bow tie in her hand onto his shirt and touched her chin.
“It suits you quite well, huh?”

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“What is this?” Lu Heting allowed her hands to stroke his neck.

“Ta-dah! Look at the bow tie I made for you.”

Lu Heting reached out to take it.
This material was obviously not made for a bow tie but rather for a woman’s gown.
However, the bow tie was rather exquisite-looking, and it didn’t look feminine when worn.
Instead, it gave off a different vibe.

It turned out this woman had made it.

Lu Heting smiled and looked down.
“Then I’ll wear it every day.”

“You don’t have to wear it every day.
Just wear it on the night I attend the award ceremony.
This bow tie is made from the leftover fabric of my gown.
Aren’t you going to the ceremony with Mr.
Weijian that day? That way, when I go on stage, our outfits will be matching.”

“Okay.” Lu Heting lowered his eyes and fastened the bow tie with his long fingers.

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“I can’t bring you to public events for the time being, and I can’t introduce you to others, so I can only use this method.
You don’t know how much I want to bring you out to show you off and let people know that I have such a good husband.
But you know what the entertainment industry is like.
I don’t want to bring you trouble, lest you get chased by reporters and have nowhere to hide.”

Lu Heting reached out to stroke his hair.
He had the same thought.
He didn’t want to cause her any trouble because of his identity.

“By the way, look at this.
Is there anything you like?” Lu Heting handed over a booklet.

It was a very ordinary booklet.
There were all sorts of jewelry, rings, and other accessories on it.
The style of the items looked quite novel and especially pleasing to the eye.
However, there were no price tags.

“You want to give me something?” Su Bei raised her eyebrows and smiled as she seriously flipped through the pages.
The items shown all looked pretty classy.

Lu Heting had wanted to give her something for a long time, but because of his identity, it had always been difficult for him to choose something.

He had to find someone to carefully design the wedding ring as well.
It hadn’t been made yet, but in regards to the accessories that could be worn on a daily basis, they could be chosen according to Su Bei’s preferences.

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Lu Heting smiled.
“Pick something.”

“They all look pretty good.
I wonder how much they cost?” Su Bei casually asked, afraid that buying something from this booklet would increase his burden.

Even though she knew that he had ten million yuan in demolition fees, but if he really used that money to buy expensive jewelry, he wouldn’t be able to buy many anyway.

“700 or 800.
Maybe 2,000.
The expensive ones aren’t more than 10,000.” Lu Heting pointed at a few designs and explained.

Well, he had omitted a couple of zeros behind those numbers.

These were all handpicked from what the designer sent and then specially printed into an ordinary-looking booklet.

Su Bei thought that the prices were suitable and looked through the booklet seriously.

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