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Da Bao and Gun Gun: Who am I? Where am I? What happened to me?

Su Bei did not expect Tang Yue to look for her.
Su Bei was making coffee in the office pantry.
Tang Yue walked over and naturally picked up a cup.
She poured herself a cup of coffee, the strong aroma wafting over.

After exchanging greetings, Su Bei left.

“Su Bei, wait.” Tang Yue smiled.
“Are you busy? If not, sit for a while.”

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Compared to Tang Xinru, Su Bei did not like Tang Yue that much.
Although Tang Yue always wore a smile and looked much friendlier than Tang Xinru, that smile was like a mask and was insincere.

However, Tang Yue was also the vice president of Sheng Tang.
Su Bei could not reject her invitation.

Su Bei sat down.
Her long, fluffy chestnut hair was not tied up and naturally fell on both sides of her shoulders, making her fair face look exceptionally petite.

She was exceptionally beautiful.

Tang Yue remembered that Su Bei was as beautiful as a porcelain doll even when she was young.
Anyone who saw her would marvel at her beauty and good looks.
When she was a little older, her nose was already straight and her eyes were round and big.

It was no wonder that her parents and grandfather favored her more when they were young.

Forget about her grandfather.
Her grandfather had never belonged to her only as Uncle’s family already had children.

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However, what right did Su Bei have to fight with her for her parents’ love?

“Little President Tang, may I ask why you’re looking for me?” Su Bei smiled.
Her small face was as bright as a flower and seemed to be able to warm even the winter sun.

Tang Yue and Tang Xinru were both vice presidents.
Tang Yue did not like being called vice president, so Su Bei followed her example and called her Little President Tang.

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