Chapter 561: Where’s The Evidence?

“I’ll never forget how they took over my mother’s place and forced her to die for their benefit.

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“Just based on Su Huixian’s age alone, it’s enough to prove that Su Xingfu and Xu Zhiqin were the ones having an affair.
They had an affair behind my mother’s back for many years and gave birth to Su Huixian.
Now, they’re pushing all the blame on my mother.
Just because the deceased can’t speak about or complain about their grievances, they think they can throw all the blame on her!”

Su Bei’s words made everyone around fall silent.

However, Su Xingfu had clearly come prepared.
He did not bat an eyelid as he bitterly asked, “Su Bei, you’ve been in the entertainment industry for a long time and have learned how to make up stories.
Do you have any evidence for the stories you made up? I admit that you deserve sympathy, but sympathy is not a reason for you to slander me and your stepmother.”

The reporters also nodded.
“Yeah, Su Bei, where’s your evidence?”

“Show us the evidence!”

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Just when everyone thought that Su Bei would not be able to produce any evidence, Su Bei unexpectedly took a document from Yue Ze’s hands and projected it onto the big screen!

Su Xingfu, Qiu Minxuan, and Su Huixian were stunned for a moment.
They did not expect her to get any sort of information!

How was that possible? Su Huixian’s face turned pale.
She never expected Su Bei to get her hand on this.

Qiu Minxuan quickly held onto Su Huixian.
What was going on? Where did Su Bei find the information? Su Huixian had used a lot of connections to help Su Xingfu and couldn’t find any information on the matter.
She thought that all evidence was long gone, but something still existed?


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At that moment, Su Huixian wanted to snatch the information but she could not move.

They didn’t know when but there were suddenly more people around them.
They seemed to be blocking their movements, causing them to be unable to leave or advance.

Su Bei beckoned to everyone and pointed at the information on the big screen.
“As you can see from this information, the office changed Su Huixian’s age more than ten years ago.
After Su Huixian was brought back, Xu Zhiqin helped her change the information on her official documents.
Back then, the process of changing personal information was not as strict as it is now.
Xu Zhiqin managed to get it done after spending some money.”

Everything they did was traceable.
They thought nobody could find proof of their actions, but although the office had changed locations and much of the information was not recorded on the internet back then, one could still find evidence and go through past records if one went to the information hall!

“This document is officially recognized.
If you don’t believe me, you can head to the office to verify it.” ”

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How could anyone not believe that such a thing was issued by the national authorities? It had a legal effect.
If outsiders copied it, it would be illegal.

It just required a simple check to confirm if this was true.

The reporters immediately started discussing.
“In that case, Su Huixian isn’t 22 years old but 26 years old? No wonder her nasolabial folds are so deep.
I even believed her when she said she was born like that.
F*ck, it turns out it’s because she’s old.”

“This is too scary.
Does this mean that Su Xingfu was already cheating with Xu Zhiqin for several years and gave birth to Su Huixian, which caused Chen Xiuzhu to commit suicide due to her unstable emotions?”

“Yet Su Xingfu really dared to say all those things! Jerk!”

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“What a jerk! He cheated on his wife but accused her of cheating on him.
He doesn’t know what’s good for him!”

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