Chapter 556: Su Bei Is Not Innocent

It was a middle-aged woman in her 50s.
She looked depressed and miserable.
It was Madam Wang who had posted on Weibo about Su Bei’s mother.

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She walked past the crowd and strode over.
She stood in front of the stage and shouted, “Su Bei, you’re a b*tch’s daughter.
Even if you didn’t do those things, it can’t change your lowly background!”

Su Huixian and Qiu Minxuan retreated slightly.
They did not want to look like they had anything to do with this matter.

In reality, Madam Wang was the person they had arranged for.
Otherwise, how could she have been able to walk over to the front of the stage and speak so arrogantly despite the presence of so many bodyguards?

This time, Su Bei was finished.

However, Su Huixian did not expect Yue Ze to have the event here.
In fact, under the watchful eyes of the public, he did not ask anyone to chase Madam Wang away.
He even deliberately let Madam Wang into the venue.
It did not seem to be a mistake either.

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In fact, without Yue Ze’s instructions and arrangements, Su Huixian would not have been able to bring Madam Wang in.

Su Huixian had fallen into the trap without realizing it.
Yue Ze and Su Bei would make sure she paid for everything she did!

The reporters originally thought that there wouldn’t be any more shocking news tonight.
They didn’t expect such a huge piece of news to suddenly appear.
It was as if everyone had been injected with stimulants.
They immediately focused their attention on this piece of news.

“Isn’t this Madam Wang? The one who said her husband cheated with Su Bei’s mother?”

“Could it be true? Why isn’t Yue Ze making her leave?”

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“This is going to be a good show! Did you guys see that? Director Gibson’s face changed! If Su Bei is really the product of an affair, will Dream Jewelry still keep her?”

“Oh my God, I really didn’t expect such explosive news.
With so much content being exposed tonight, I’ll definitely have a good bonus this year.”

“Shh, everyone stop fooling around and listen to what Madam Wang has to say!”

Madam Wang was in her 50s.
Her shrewd eyes shone as she cried in front of everyone.
“Su Bei’s mother is Chen Xiuzhu.
Back then, she had an affair with my husband, causing our relationship to break and me to miscarry a few times.
Now, although my husband has already left, every time I think about what I experienced back then, it makes me deeply pained.

“As soon as I see Su Bei’s face on the TV in front of me, I can’t help but feel uncomfortable.
I just want to know if just about anyone can enter the entertainment industry now? How can someone like Su Bei also be an artist? Why does everyone have such low standards for artists?”

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Although she looked like she was in pain, the reporters couldn’t help but speak up for Su Bei.
“The grudges and disputes of the previous generation are separate matters.
None of it was Su Bei’s fault.”

“That’s right.
Even if Chen Xiuzhu did something like that, it’s all in the past.
It’s useless for you to look for Su Bei now.”

Madam Wang angrily shouted, “How is it unrelated? My husband spent a lot of money on the mother and daughter.
If it weren’t for my husband’s money, how could Su Bei have come this far? Su Bei is not innocent.
She even came looking for me in private and insulted me.
This is intolerable.
If it were you, can you tolerate something like this happening to you?”

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