Chapter 551: Empty Words

[Su Bei actually chose the hotel where her father and stepmother are getting married to clarify it.
Just how confident is she?]

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When Su Huixian heard the news, she was momentarily shocked.
“I wonder what evidence Su Bei has? Mom, are you sure those things have been destroyed?”

“I’m certain that there’s no evidence left.
I burned all the evidence myself.
Now that your father is on our side, we’ll definitely have the upper hand.” Xu Zhiqin had already thought it through.
This matter would definitely not die down so easily.

Since her and her daughter’s happiness was built on stepping on Su Bei, Su Bei could only continue to be the stepping stone.

At that moment, Su Bei, who was accompanied by Yue Ze and Xiao Bai, went directly to a lounge in the hotel.

The reporters and fans had already surrounded the hotel.
They wanted to know how Su Bei would clarify things today.

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This matter concerned the selection of the Top Ten Models Awards.
There were all sorts of scandals that Su Bei was involved in.
How was she going to clear her name?

Once Su Bei entered, the reporters all started asking sharp questions.
“Su Bei, what’s your relationship with Jiang Hong?”

“Do you know Director Gibson personally?”

“What do you think about your past?”

“Like mother, like daughter.
What do you think of this statement?”

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Su Bei wore sunglasses and did not look at them nor answer any questions.
Instead, she followed Yue Ze and walked straight ahead.

Outside the hotel, countless bodyguards were standing amidst the crowd.
They had disguised themselves as reporters and fans.
They were protecting the entire hotel while surrounding it.

Their goal was to protect Su Bei’s safety.
They would not attack normal reporters and true fans.

However, if someone wanted to hurt Su Bei, they would not be merciful!

A middle-aged American man arrived under the protection of his bodyguards.

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Seeing this scene, someone immediately recognized him.
“That’s Director Gibson, the one in charge of Dream Jewelry’s audition.
He’s the one who has a scandal with Su Bei!”

“I didn’t expect him to personally come to the scene! However, even if he clarifies that there’s nothing going on between him and Su Bei, how can we believe him? His words are empty!”

“That’s right.
Let’s see what he has to say first.
After all, there’s no evidence.
Whatever he says, we won’t believe him.”

At that moment, Yue Ze finally stood up and said, “Everyone, today, Su Bei will be announcing some work matters.
Thank you for coming and thank you for your attention.”

“Didn’t you say she’s going to clarify the scandals? What’s with this official announcement now?” The reporters felt like they had been fooled.
If it weren’t for the chance to interview Su Bei about her scandals, they wouldn’t be so proactive.
However, Yue Ze said that it was just an official announcement?

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Yue Ze smiled and said, “That’s right.
Su Bei is an artist.
Can’t we announce our work content? Or does everyone have some misunderstanding about our work?”

Although the reporters were unhappy, they didn’t know what to say.
As long as it was within the law, the other party could do whatever they wanted.
What reason did they have to cause trouble?

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