Chapter 547: Ingrate

“There’s evidence regarding Chen Xiuzhu’s matter, but what about you and Dad? Is there any evidence? No one has any evidence to prove that you wrecked someone else’s family.
Isn’t that the end of the matter? All the Du family knows is just some rumors.
This time, we have to prove to them in one fell swoop that you’re not a mistress and I’m not a mistress’ daughter.
Mother, Su Bei is the one who’s unbearable!” Su Huixian said through gritted teeth.

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Xu Zhiqin thought about it and felt that it made sense.

Her daughter has always been looked down upon by the Du family.
She could make use of this opportunity to clarify things with the Du family and let them know that Su Huixian was the legitimate daughter of the Su family.
They were not to doubt her in the future!

Xu Zhiqin secretly made up her mind, but she still needed to discuss this with her husband.

Su Xingfu was silent for a while.
“Do we really have to do this?”

“I don’t want to do this either.
I don’t want to ruin Chen Xiuzhu’s reputation after her death, and I don’t want to hurt Su Bei.
But you’ve seen it for yourself.
Su Bei is really reckless.
She’s unscrupulous in her actions.
Not only does she get criticized everywhere she goes, but she has even hurt Huixian.
Hubby, Huixian is our biological daughter.
Are you just going to watch as she gets hurt by Su Bei? Su Bei has long lost her dignity.
Are you still going to let her bring shame to the Su family?”

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Su Xingfu thought about it for a while.
It was really not easy to make this decision because doing so would harm his ex-wife’s reputation.

Xu Zhiqin was about to persuade him again when Su Huixian returned.
Her eyes were slightly red as she forced a smile.
“Dad, Mom.”

“What’s wrong? What happened?” Xu Zhiqin asked.

“It’s nothing.
I’m fine.
Is Dad alright? He doesn’t look too good,” Su Huixian asked in concern.

Su Xingfu was very touched.
His daughter was under a lot of pressure from work, but when she returned home, she still cared about him.

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He asked Qiu Minxuan beside Su Huixian, “Tell me, what exactly happened?”

“I…” Qiu Minxuan looked at Su Huixian, not daring to say anything.

“I told you to say it!” Su Xingfu shouted.

Qiu Minxuan then said, “Su Bei seems to have met Mr.
Luo privately.
Madam Du wishes to break off their engagement because she said that Huixian is the daughter of a mistress…”

She stammered because it was a lie, but Su Huixian had instructed her to say so.
Hence, she could only do as she was told.

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Sure enough, Su Xingfu slammed the table and angrily said, “Su Bei is really too insensitive! It’s no longer possible for her and Du Luo to be together.
Why can’t she behave herself?!”

If something had happened in the past, he would have asked Su Bei how she was doing.
But now, Su Bei and the Su family were estranged.
Su Xingfu was no longer willing to keep in contact with Su Bei!

He was so angry that he was gasping for breath.
He said to himself, “She’s indeed not my biological daughter.
I really can’t treat her as my biological daughter.
Even though I had painstakingly raised her for more than ten years, she is just an ingrate.
She wasted my time and money.
She even hurt my biological daughter! Forget it, forget it.
Why should I care about her?”

“Dad, don’t be too angry.
Have some tea first.” Su Huixian quickly picked up a cup of warm tea and handed it to him.

When Su Xingfu saw this, he made up his mind.

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