Chapter 533:W ho Did You Think It Was?

Su Bei had no choice but to turn around and say, “Remember, you need to crawl out of here till you reach the entrance of the mall.
Do keep an eye on him for me to make sure he fulfills his end of the bet.”

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Lu Heting led her out of the shop while holding her hand.
“Does it hurt?”

“It’s okay.
It doesn’t hurt at all.
He shouldn’t have scolded you.
He deserves it!”

Lu Heting rubbed her hand, feeling sorry for her.
Although she was not injured, the sound of that man’s bones breaking earlier was very loud.
Obviously, she must have exerted quite a lot of strength.

Su Bei enjoyed his treatment and followed him to the car.

She took out the box and handed it to him.
“Look at what I bought.”

His smile reached his eyes, and Lu Heting opened the box.
Inside was a dazzling watch that he liked very much.

“Help me put it on.” Lu Heting took it out and put it in Su Bei’s hand.

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Su Bei took off his old watch and put the new one on him.
“Do you like it?”

“Yes.” Lu Heting lowered his head.

He liked her feelings for him more.
He liked her so much.

After a long time, he let go of her and said, “And you have to take that card back.
You need to have some emergency money with you.
I’ll give you this credit card too.”

He had specially prepared a credit card with no limit for her.
Due to his special arrangements, it was impossible for others to see that it was a limitless black gold card.
This way, she didn’t need to be restrained when she wanted to buy something.

Anyway, what’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is yours.” Su Bei took it happily.

Hearing this, Lu Heting was in an unbelievably good mood.
He had finally gotten her recognition.

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Did it mean that he had been worried about his identity for so long for nothing?

He watched as she turned her head and rummaged through her handbag.
He held himself back.
He had just confirmed their relationship.
He couldn’t rush things.

After rummaging through her handbag, Su Bei realized that she didn’t bring her wallet.

“Forget it.
Keep this credit card in your wallet first.
Give it to me another day,” Su Bei said and reached for his wallet.

Then, she suddenly thought of something and asked in a low voice, “Can I see your wallet?”

She previously saw a photo of a woman in his wallet, but she didn’t know who it was.
At that time, she was troubled by this thought.
Although she eventually forgot about it, it wasn’t completely forgotten.

Lu Heting didn’t mind.
He reached out and handed his wallet to her.

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Su Bei closed her eyes and thought for a moment before opening the wallet.

She didn’t dare to look at it directly.
Instead, she opened her eyes just a crack and glanced at the photo in the wallet.
Then, she opened her eyes completely.
It was her!

It was the same photo she had taken with Lu Heting for their marriage certificate before she left back then.
She looked young and tender in the photo.

“Oh, it’s me.” When Su Bei saw the photo, her heart softened.

“Who did you think it was?” Lu Heting held her in his arms, amused.

Su Bei didn’t expect it to be her.

Had Lu Heting always kept her photo?

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She looked up at Lu Heting seriously, as if she was looking for an answer.

Lowering his head, Lu Heting said in a low voice, “It’s always been you.
I’ve always been waiting for you.”

Su Bei felt guilty for a long time.
She was gone for five years.
During that time, she didn’t consider this man’s thoughts or feelings at all.

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