Chapter 532: I Think You’re Sick

However, looking at Su Bei’s figure, everyone couldn’t help but worry.

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She was tall, but she was also thinner than ordinary people.
She didn’t look very strong.
After all, this rich second-generation heir was a man.
Compared to him, Su Bei didn’t seem to have a chance of winning.

Everyone looked at Su Bei worriedly.

Lu Heting, on the other hand, remembered the last time she was taken away by Lin En and sent to Mexico.
She managed to survive that ordeal in one piece.

After that incident, Lu Heting got someone to destroy the bar.
He heard that two foreign men were seriously injured in the room Su Bei was locked up in.
Hence, their injuries must have been Su Bei’s doing.

Actually, after thinking about it for a while, he realized that Feng Ze and the others were not weak either.
Hence, there was no reason for Su Bei to be weak.

Thinking of this, Lu Heting felt relieved.
Su Bei would definitely not get injured.

Even if that rich second-generation heir had amazing power, at least he was still around and could step in.

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Seeing that Su Bei had put on the gloves, the rich heir felt humiliated for a moment.
His face flushed with anger.
“What do you take me for?”

“I think you’re sick.
I don’t want to touch you.” Su Bei raised her chin and looked down at him.

The cashier and sales assistants agreed with Su Bei.
They wanted to clap and praise Su Bei for her words, but they couldn’t show their true thoughts.

He sat down and said, “Come on!”

He didn’t believe that he couldn’t defeat a woman.

“Let me make this clear first.
If you get hurt, you’ll have to bear the consequences,” Su Bei said calmly as she sat down.
As soon as she spoke, her bright eyes shone brightly.
No one could tell that she was powerful at all.
She just made others think that she was so beautiful that nothing could possibly compare to her beauty.

The rich second-generation heir was dazzled by the sight of her.
“Of course, we’ll each be responsible for our injuries.
Besides, I’ll go gentle on you.”

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It was just arm wrestling.
How could she get hurt?

He reached out and clasped her hand.

Everyone was so nervous for Su Bei that they couldn’t take their eyes off her.

Although Lu Heting knew that Su Bei was capable of winning this, he still narrowed his eyes.
If that rich second-generation heir really hurt Su Bei, Lu Heting would finish him off!

When their hands were clasped together, there was a cracking sound as if someone’s bones had broken.

“Miss, are you okay? Do you want me to call the ambulance for you?” One of the sales assistants covered her eyes while feeling her heart ache.

Su Bei stood up and said, “Thank you, Miss, but it’s okay.
Someone else might need it, though.
You can ask him for his opinion.”

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The sales assistant removed her hands from her eyes, only to see that Su Bei had already stood up and had a relaxed expression on her face.
Meanwhile, the rich second-generation heir was clutching his hand with a pained expression, his face covered in sweat.

It seemed that the sound of bones breaking had come from the hand of this rich second-generation heir.

At this moment, the sales assistant and cashier couldn’t care less about their jobs anymore.
They enthusiastically surrounded Su Bei and said, “You’re so amazing.
How did you do it? Can you teach us?”

Su Bei smiled.
“Okay, I’ll teach you!”

“It’s so satisfying! We’ve always disliked men who threw money at women.
Does he really think that all women in the world are money-minded?”

“That’s awesome! You just did what I’ve always wanted to do!”

Lu Heting pulled Su Bei out of the crowd and held her in his arms.
What was wrong with these women? Did they want to steal his wife?

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