Chapter 530: Impressive But Useless

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In the mall.

When the rich man heard Su Bei on the phone, he couldn’t help laughing.

She had thought that Su Bei was a noblewoman, but it turned out that she was just a woman who would ask a man for money when she was broke.

How could she refuse him time and again? He really wanted to see what kind of man she could find to pay the bill for her.

The cashier and the sales assistants still smiled at Su Bei, but in their hearts, they were looking down on her.
Just now when they saw that she had refused a rich second-generation heir so righteously, they thought that she had some dignity.
They thought she was different from other women who would go weak in the knees at the sight of money.
But now, it seemed that she was nothing special.

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Su Bei looked at the door.
She didn’t know when Lu Heting would arrive.

Would she be delaying his work?

When she was still thinking about this, she saw Lu Heting’s tall figure appear in front of her.

“Hubby!” Su Bei waved at him.

The cashier, the sales assistants, and the rich second-generation heir all looked in the direction where they heard Su Bei’s voice.
They thought that they would see a pot-bellied old man, but they didn’t expect to see that the man outside was tall, long-legged, and had facial features that were as outstanding as a sculpture.
The aura he exuded was enough to make people tremble in fear.

He was no old man or big-bellied man.
He was a handsome man who was walking over in an imposing manner.

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Since he was here to see her, Lu Heting had taken off his suit and changed into the clothes she previously bought for him.
He looked handsome and extraordinary at the same time.

Lu Heting was in a good mood when he heard Su Bei calling him “hubby” from a distance.
A smile crept across his cold face, brushing away the alienation and indifference in his eyes.

The cashier and the sales assistants were dumbfounded.
This man was so handsome!

Lu Heting strode toward her.
Su Bei threw herself at him, and he pulled her into his arms as he gently stroked her hair.
“Go ahead.
I’ll pay for it.”

“Okay.” Su Bei held his arm and walked in.

The two of them looked like a perfect match.
The cashier and the sales assistants felt guilty and ashamed because they had misjudged Su Bei before.
Hence, they hurriedly said, “I’ve already wrapped everything up.
You can just swipe your card now.”

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Lu Heting took out his card without asking what it was.

The rich second-generation heir was shocked by Lu Heting’s appearance and imposing manner, but he still gave him a once-over.

The watch that Lu Heting was wearing was the one Su Bei had given him before.
It was only worth a few tens of thousands of yuan.
The rich second-generation heir sneered.
How could he compete with him when he was wearing such a watch?

Lu Heting’s clothes were only worth a few hundred yuan as well.
They were not worth mentioning at all.
The rich second-generation heir looked at Lu Heting and Su Bei coldly.

After swiping his card, Lu Heting took the bag from Su Bei.
Just as he was about to leave with her in his arms, he heard the rich second-generation heir say in a particularly condescending tone, “Tsk, tsk.
I was wondering what kind of man you had asked to come over, but it turns out to just be a lowly man.
As I said, you should come with me.
I can buy you a few of these watches for you in one go.”

After he finished speaking, Lu Heting glared at him and he felt as though an arrow was piercing through his heart.

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