Chapter 527: Money Can’t Conceal It

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“We can forget about that.
There’s no hurry,” Su Bei said with a smile.
She heard that the job had been given to a newcomer, so there was no need for her to take that one back.

She put away her phone and got into the car while in a good mood.
It was still early, so Gun Gun and Da Bao were not out of school yet.

She remembered that Yue Ze had given her a name card for a shop in a mall that customized clothes.

Indeed, it had been a long time since Su Bei last had her clothes customized.
Now that winter was coming, she really needed to buy some clothes for herself.

When she arrived at the mall, Su Bei was dressed in simple clothes so that no one would be able to recognize her.
She walked in.

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She then came to the shop Yue Ze had told her about.
The staff and the store manager welcomed her and measured her size.

“These are the clothes that are readily available in our shop.
Miss Su, you can browse through them.
If you don’t see anything you like, you can also opt for custom-made pieces.
But we have to be cautious when it comes to copyright issues.
We can’t imitate other designers’ works.”

Su Bei chose a few simple and elegant clothes.
These clothes should be enough for her day-to-day work.

“You can come and get your clothes in three days.”

“Okay,” Su Bei agreed.

She casually walked out of the shop.
She intended to continue shopping.
In order to save money previously, she had restrained herself too much.
It had been a long time since she bought anything freely.

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She excitedly went straight to the boutique, but when she was still making her way over, her attention was caught by shops selling men’s and children’s clothes.

She was planning to buy something for herself, but she couldn’t hold herself back.
She would run toward shops that sold men’s clothes and watches.
Her straying gaze would also land on shops selling children’s items.

After walking around for a while, Su Bei lost all interest in shopping for herself.

Why were men’s and children’s clothes so beautiful and exquisite? She really wanted to buy all of them!

Well, forget it.
She could buy things for herself another time.
She would look at these first.

When she went to the men’s watch shop, she carefully browsed through the selection.
She remembered that after she gave a watch to Lu Heting, he had never taken it off.
He had been wearing it all the time.
It was almost time to buy him a new one.

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Su Bei lowered her head and chose a watch after a long time.
She held it and looked at it carefully for a while.
Thinking of what Lu Heting would look like when he put on this watch, she couldn’t help but feel happy.

“Gorgeous, you’re buying a watch? Shall I give you some recommendations?”

When Su Bei heard a man’s voice, she raised her head and looked at him.
The man in front of her had the corners of his eyes raised, and he was stroking his chin.
He was wearing branded clothes all over his body, but his temperament was not something that could be hidden with branded clothes.
No amount of money could conceal his wretched aura.

“No thanks.” Su Bei looked away.

The man was not dissatisfied.
He had been looking at Su Bei since she entered the shop.
Although she had put on some makeup so that no one would recognize that she was a supermodel, she didn’t deliberately hide her beautiful features.
Hence, his eyes had never moved away from her.

Su Bei had politely refused him, but he kept following her around the shop.

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This made Su Bei very unhappy.
However, this was a public setting, so she had no reason to drive him away.

After choosing a watch, Su Bei wasn’t in the mood to shop anymore..
She took it to the checkout counter.

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