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Lin Yu, who was watching from the side, was terrified.
How could someone be more terrifying when they were no longer cold as compared to their usual cold selves?

How did their boss do it?

After getting on the plane, Su Bei talked to Lu Heting for a while.
Then, she got tired, put on the sleeping mask, and closed her eyes.

Lu Heting asked the stewardess for a blanket and gently put it on Su Bei.

At home in S Country, Da Bao and Gun Gun were waiting for Su Bei to come back.

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Although Su Bei was only a day late, the two munchkins couldn’t wait any longer.

They had been separated for too long.

Gun Gun had already found the toys in Su Bei’s closet.
But after playing with them for a while, he lost interest.
It was mainly because Su Bei was not there with him, so he was not in the mood to do anything.

“I’ll go and see if there are any other toys.” In order to pass time, Gun Gun ran to the room and opened the closet.

He looked around.
Bei Bei had told him once before that he needed to take things carefully without messing everything up.

Hence, Gun Gun was very careful.

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Soon, he found an exquisite box in a corner of the closet.

“What other fun toys did Bei Bei leave for me?” Gun Gun muttered to himself as he opened it happily.
“There are letters for me.
Bei Bei has written me letters!”

He happily opened a letter and read, “My beloved Gun Gun, it’s time for you to blow out the candles for your fifth birthday.
I wish you a happy birthday.
Gun Gun, you’ve grown up.
You must have grown taller and stronger…”

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