Chapter 511: The Means Of A Show-off

Su Huixian was in Qian Yu Entertainment Company.
She was both an artist and a senior executive.
She would support the artists close to her.

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Zhong Xiu and Zhu Fenfen had always been her followers.
As a result, they had gotten a lot of opportunities.

Hao Jiali, who came from Sheng Tang, couldn’t help but glance at them.
How could they think of competing with her with such qualifications?

Even if the director didn’t have any specific criteria or requirements, it didn’t mean that he would choose people like them!

Thus far, the models who came out of the room did not seem to have gotten good results.

All the models who went into the room stayed for less than three minutes.

Could the audition process for a jewelry advertisement be done so quickly?

The director, Gibson, was a middle-aged man who always had a smile on his face.
He seemed to be satisfied with all the models present here earlier but now looking at how quickly the models left the room, everyone knew that no one had truly caught Gibson’s eye.

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The models who came out all shook their heads, shrugged, and laughed at themselves.
Then, they turned around and left.

Zhong Xiu and Zhu Fenfen looked at each other.
They were feeling the pressure.

Hao Jiali, on the other hand, was very confident.
She was more experienced than Zhong Xiu and Zhu Fenfen.
It would not be difficult for her to take down an advertisement job like this.

While they were all deep in thought, Su Bei strode over.

As soon as Su Bei appeared, many people looked at her.
Even though they were all supermodels with perfect figures, they couldn’t help but admire Su Bei’s figure.

There was also a perfect expression on her face.

She didn’t need to pretend to be cold like other supermodels.
Everything about her was so natural and carefree.
She didn’t need to chase the trends.
Her natural appearance and aura were enough.

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It seemed that she was the trend!

As soon as she entered the venue, many eyes turned to her.

Su Bei glanced at the unfriendly gazes and found many familiar faces.

She saw Su Huixian’s lackeys from Qian Yu Entertainment Company.

Her competitors from Sheng Tang and many models from other companies were here too.

Many people were surprised to see Su Bei.

“Didn’t she announce that she would temporarily halt all work? Why is she here, then?”

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“That’s right.
How long has it been? Has it even been half a month?”

“By making the announcement, she was just trying to gain fame, wasn’t she? She pretends to be wealthy, but in reality, she desperately wants to work.”

“She’s full of schemes.”

Everyone was whispering to each other, showing an unfriendly attitude toward Su Bei.

No one was willing to go up against another person for this slice of the pie.

Su Bei didn’t seem to notice their gazes.
She didn’t mind their words at all.

The others were merely talking about it.
They just thought that with Su Bei’s arrival, the number of people fighting for the spot had grown.
Although it certainly increased the pressure on everyone, it was not a big deal.

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Only Hao Jiali looked disgusted.

It was because she and Su Bei were in the same company.
It turned out Su Bei wasn’t quitting and had even returned to work.
Hao Jiali was not just competing with Su Bei for this current job but also the company’s resources that included countless job opportunities in the future.

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