ldn’t be able to attend the show as she had other commitments.

As the model in the sixth place, Su Huixian was naturally called to replace Su Bei.

Su Xingfu looked at his daughter and said, “If you don’t want to attend that ribbon-cutting ceremony, just come straight home! I won’t allow my daughter to make a fool of herself in public.”

“Dad, calm down.
Have a sip of tea,” Su Huixian said, walking into the room with a cup of tea.

Compared to her, Su Bei appeared to be very unfilial.

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It was only after seeing Su Huixian that Su Xingfu relaxed.
Taking the cup of tea, he told her, “I’ve told Su Bei to come home.”

“Su Bei, Dad did all this for your own good.
You should try to understand him.
He has been missing you all these years.” Su Huixian looked gentle and kind.

However, Su Bei stared at the two of them coldly.
What a perfect father and daughter! Wasn’t it enough for them to be a family? What was the point of including her in the family?

“I’ll never go back to the Su family,” she said firmly.

Su Xingfu raised his hand angrily to slap his daughter.
“You’re so shameless!”

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Su Huixian caught her father’s hand in a hurry and pretended to persuade him.
“Dad, Su Bei is just a little stubborn.
Give her more time.
She’ll come around.”

“If she were half as obedient as you, I wouldn’t have to worry so much,” Su Xingfu snapped.

“I will persuade Su Bei.”

Su Bei turned around and walked out of the room.
Ironically, a celebration party was being held in the hall of the company to celebrate her qualifying for the Orisa Show.

The hall was decorated with blooming flowers, and there was a grand three-tiered cake on the table in the middle.
Beautiful music was playing.
Everyone here was wishing for her to have a big success tomorrow night at the fashion show.

Even though it was a small party, it was well-arranged.

The buffet table was filled with various drinks.

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