in front of the door.”

“Okay.” Lu Heting put it away solemnly.

As they could not sleep, the two of them continued to chat.

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The more they talked, the less sleepy they got.

Su Bei was fine.
She just wanted to spend her last moments with him.

However, it was different for Lu Heting.
He was looking at the woman he had been thinking about all this while and the wife he had married.
This time, Da Bao and Gun Gun were not around to interrupt them.
He was feeling a little nervous.

His eyes darkened.

However, he did not want to scare her.
He did not feel sleepy at all, but his voice was hoarse.

“Why don’t we go and watch midnight movies? They always show many classic movies.
Are you interested?”

“Sure.” Lu Heting stood up.

Compared to an old couple who spoke to each other bluntly, he preferred the way they were now.

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Su Bei was familiar with everything here, so she brought Lu Heting to the cinema.

Coincidentally, all the movies showing tonight were romance movies.
Su Bei had no choice but to choose one of them.

In the cinema, the lights were off, casting shadows on their faces.

There were very few people in the cinema, so Su Bei could focus on watching the movie while eating popcorn.

Lu Heting did not like sweets, including popcorn.

Even so, he would reach out his hand to grab a few from time to time.
Occasionally, he would touch her hand, but he would retrieve his hand after a quick touch.

This small joy made him feel like he was a young boy in love.

It could be considered that he was on a date with Su Bei now, right?

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Lu Heting: “Do you want to be in a relationship? The kind that will last a lifetime?”

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