Chapter 483: Personally Send You Back Home

Not only Han Junting but even the sales assistants thought so.
They hurriedly said, “Miss Han, why don’t you sit down for a while and have some coffee?”

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By doing this, the sales assistants could also talk to the general manager and the person in charge of the mall.

Han Junting smiled complacently and said, “Okay, I want a cup of latte.”

So what if she didn’t spend as much money as Su Bei? If she had better connections and a better reputation than Su Bei, she would never lag behind her.

Now, Su Bei could finally see what her real status was.

The general manager and the person in charge went forward, where they said a few words to the cashier.
Then they turned around and started walking over.

The two high-level executives walked over with smiles on their faces.

Just as Han Junting was about to greet them, the other sales assistants also smiled and were prepared to welcome them.

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However, the senior executives walked straight to Su Bei and bowed.

They didn’t know Su Bei’s name and didn’t manage to find out.
But since she had Lu Heting’s card in her hand, she was naturally someone from Lu Group.

She was the person closest to Lu Heting, the most mysterious big shot.

Of course, it was unnecessary to ask for her name.
They just needed to treat her well.

Seeing them being so respectful to Su Bei, Han Junting’s face darkened.

What was going on? Didn’t Su Bei just buy a few clothes? Han Junting usually spent a lot of money in this mall too!

The sales assistants lowered their heads, not daring to look at the embarrassed Han Junting.
Of course, they did not think that the two senior executives would treat Su Bei so respectfully either.

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They had also received big customers like Su Bei before, but when had these executives ever paid so much attention to those customers?

“Hello.” Su Bei smiled in surprise.
Was it really necessary for these two high-ranking executives to personally greet her after she spent some money?

She recognized them from the name tags on their chests.

From what she knew, if someone had spent as much as her in a luxury shop, receiving this treatment would be abnormal.
However, in a shopping mall like this, both of these executives had already experienced many things and no longer found such situations strange.

The two senior executives smiled and said, “Miss, we’ll personally send you back to your home.
These clothes can be sent to your residence.
You don’t have to carry them yourself.”

“No, thanks.
I drove my own car here.
I can just carry them back myself.” Su Bei refused politely.
“By the way, this new sales assistant is admirable.
If you really want to do something for me, please take good care of your hardworking employees.”

Su Bei picked up the bags of the clothes she just bought and left.
She was really not used to having such high-ranking executives serve her.

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Besides, she wanted to buy something for Lu Heting now.

Seeing that Su Bei had left, the two senior executives no longer insisted on sending her back.
However, her words had caught their attention.

They took a mental note of the new sales assistant’s name and asked her about her work in detail.

Soon, she would reach the pinnacle of her career.
She would surpass her seniors and be the first to get promoted.

As for the other sales assistants, they could only regret their decisions at this moment.
But it was already too late…

Lu Heting, who was in the middle of an important meeting, put his phone on the table.

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When he received a message on his phone, he casually glanced at it and saw the notification about the amount deducted from his card.

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