ect now instead of the contempt from earlier.

Su Bei put down Lu Heting’s name.
She didn’t mind swiping his card now.
After all, she would give him all her money when the time came.

The new sales assistant smiled happily and said, “Miss, your purchase is done.
These are your clothes.
Please take them.”

“Thank you.” Su Bei gave her a big smile.

It was only then that the other sales assistants realized Su Bei looked beautiful and elegant when she smiled.
Although the clothes on her were simple, they looked very comfortable.

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It was just that she deliberately kept a low profile and pretended to be an ordinary woman.
That was why they looked down on her without showing her any respect.

Seeing the new sales assistant so happy after handling this big shot customer’s purchase, the rest of them were extremely jealous but they had no choice but to accept the outcome.

At this moment, the general manager and the person in charge of the mall appeared at the door.

It turned out that the name Lu Heting was an extremely important name in their shop.
As soon as his card was swiped, the bank would immediately inform the relevant personnel to come and receive him.

They had not seen this name in a long time.
Of course, Lu Heting did not need their reception.

However, this tradition persisted in the business world.

Therefore, when the general manager and the person in charge of the mall received the news, they immediately rushed over.

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A smile appeared on Han Junting’s face, and she felt a little embarrassed.
Although Su Bei had spent a lot of money, it was not rare to see customers like her in the mall.

However, she was the young lady of Han Group.
She had business dealings with the mall too, and she was also an important VIP in many shops..
These people must have come for her.

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