Chapter 481: Wrong PIN!

Su Bei had always been elegant.
When she casually pointed at the clothes, her expression suddenly became different from ordinary people’s.
It seemed that she carried with her the air of a noble lady.

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“T-These…?” The sales assistant followed Su Bei’s finger and saw that there were more than 30 sets of clothes.
The clothes here were for four-year-olds to adolescents.

Everyone was shocked.
“One, two, three… There are more than 30 sets in total…”

They had seen a lot of things in their lives.
They had seen all kinds of rich people, but they had never seen anyone buy clothes like this.
These were clothes for children and adolescents of varying ages.
It did not make sense!

Besides, there were more than 30 sets, which would probably sum up to two to three million yuan.
Just this commission alone would be a huge profit for the sales assistant.

All of a sudden, the expressions of the sales assistants changed.
They immediately said, “Miss, we’ll help you!”

“No, thanks.
She can help me,” Su Bei said to the sales assistant who had been serving her since earlier.
“You can wrap these up for me.
The commission is yours.”

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Since the other sales assistants did not want to serve her earlier, she would not let them earn a commission from her.

Therefore, she decided to let this polite sales assistant earn the money.

The sales assistant was a little incoherent as she stammered, “O-Okay.
I’ll wrap them up right away!”

The commissions the sales assistants earned were according to the sales volume.
Hence, this sales assistant might just become the highest earner for this year.

For a moment, the other sales assistants felt regretful and unhappy.
They were all embarrassed and didn’t know what to say.

Han Junting snorted.
Judging from Su Bei’s way of buying clothes, she must be helping the organizers of a fashion show or a shoot buy these at the last minute.
Otherwise, how could she afford so many herself? More importantly, it was impossible for her to buy so many clothes for daily use.

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Actually, the clothes that Su Bei usually bought for Da Bao and Gun Gun were not expensive.
She would always prioritize comfort and make sure the two boys would look decent when selecting clothes for them.

But this time, the situation was different.
That was why she chose more expensive clothes for them.
Besides, she knew that Lu Heting’s income was higher than she initially thought, so she was willing to spend money like this.
Otherwise, she would have left the money to her two children to pay for their education in the future.

Even so, she had saved enough money for their education.
Lu Heting’s income was enough for her two sons to live comfortably, and they could live in the house she bought too.
Hence, Su Bei spent her money freely today.

Finally, the sales assistant wrapped up all the clothes for Su Bei and said, “Miss, the total amount is 2.35 million yuan.”

Actually, she was a little worried that Su Bei wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Such a figure was enough to buy a house in many cities in S Country.
The main reason was that the way Su Bei bought these clothes was really strange.

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“Are you going to swipe your card or pay by cash?” The cashier was also shocked.

“I’ll swipe my card.” Su Bei opened her wallet, handed her card, and entered the PIN.

After inputting it, the cashier’s expression changed.
“Sorry, your PIN is wrong.
Please input it again.”

Su Bei entered her PIN again.

“It’s still wrong,” the cashier informed her.

The sales assistants next to her immediately relaxed and burst into laughter.

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At first, everyone had felt regretful for losing such a big client and commission.
Now, they thought that Su Bei was just toying with them.

Wrong PIN? After entering it again, would she say that her card was locked and she couldn’t swipe it anymore? Would she say she would come again next time? There would be no next time.

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