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Of course, Su Bei did not think that the other party would be so kind as to really greet her.

She glanced at Han Junting briefly as a greeting before lowering her head to look at the clothes.

Han Junting saw that she was looking at a bunch of children’s clothes.
Of course, she did not expect that Su Bei had already given birth to a son.
She thought that Su Bei was like her, buying children’s clothes for other people’s children.

She smirked and asked, “You’re buying so many? From what I know, models like you don’t earn much, right?”

“I don’t dare to compare myself with you, Miss Han, but I can still afford a few pieces of clothing.”

“Then do you know that the jacket in your hand costs 50,000 yuan?” Han Junting crossed her arms and said, “Are you planning to buy half of it or just a button?”

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When she said that, the surrounding sales assistants burst into laughter.
They thought that Su Bei was just a random model who could not afford the clothes here.

The reason why Han Junting looked down on Su Bei was that the Han family was now rich and had long crushed the Su family.
Therefore, she had a sense of contempt for Su Bei.

Su Bei smiled, and a trace of laziness flashed across her eyes.
She could not be bothered with Han Junting.
So what if she had become rich now? So what if she was a prestigious heiress?

It was a shame her brain and wisdom did not improve as her family developed.

Su Bei continued to browse through the clothes slowly.
Her movements were neither fast nor slow, as if she was taking a leisurely stroll.

Han Junting did not want to waste any more time talking to Su Bei.
As far as she knew, the income of a model could not be compared to that of an artist.
However, the cost of being a model was not any less than that of an artist.
On the surface, being a model seemed glamorous.
But in reality, a model’s purse would be barren.

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