Chapter 473: Stay Away From That Scumbag

The reporters quickly left.

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Lv Shan walked toward Su Bei and said in surprise, “Su Bei, are you going to stop working? I’m sorry, it’s all because of me.
I caused you so much trouble.”

“It has nothing to do with you.
I only signed a three-month contract with Sheng Tang in the first place.
Now that the contract is about to end, I’m choosing to rest for a while.”

Lv Shan still felt guilty toward Su Bei.
Previously, she was Su Bei’s manager and now she was Su Bei’s assistant.
She had not done anything for Su Bei but even caused her to be criticized.

Yue Ze said to Su Bei, “When you’re done resting, I hope you can come back to Sheng Tang.
Su Bei, I look forward to working with you again.”

His words came from the bottom of his heart.
She was the most promising and special artist he had ever worked with.

“Yes, if I want to continue working, I’ll definitely choose Sheng Tang.”

Yue Ze sent Lv Shan off.

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Su Bei looked at Lu Heting and ran toward him.
“I said that after this is over, I’d go to America with you.
I meant what I said.”

“Don’t you regret giving up such a great opportunity?”

“There’s nothing to regret.
I know what’s most important to me.
However, you have to give me a few days.
I want to pack my luggage and prepare what Da Bao and Gun Gun would need when I’m not around.”

Lu Heting felt that there was a deeper meaning to the woman’s words, but the smile on her face was too bright, so Lu Heting did not think much of it.

Su Bei held his hand.
“Thank you for today’s matter.
Where did you find the information? You practically dug out all of Liang Hanwen’s secrets.”

“After working in Lu Group for so long, I’ve learned how to handle a lot of problems.” Lu Heting chuckled.

“I know.
You learned this from Mr.
Weijian as well, didn’t you? But why do I feel like you’re even better than Mr.
Weijian? Is it because Mr.
Weijian has been in his position for a long time and many of the things that happened in the past were actually dealt with by people like you? Is that why you’ve gradually become better than him?”

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“Maybe.” Lu Heting’s eyes were full of smiles and pride.

His woman could finally tell that he was much better at handling things than Lu Weijian.

# Shocking! The mistress isn’t Su Bei but Cai Anying, the copycat.

# Su Bei clarifies everything in public.

# Scumbag Liang Hanwen, not only did he cheat the feelings of others but he also has a real mistress.

# Plot twist! The truth behind Su Bei’s mistress allegation is out and everyone is rejoicing! #

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# Pity! Su Bei temporarily leaves the modeling industry! #

All sorts of news were trending.

Any one of them could have been at the top of the rankings.
However, at this moment, all of them were placed at the top.
It was a dazzling sight, indeed.

Su Bei’s fans were elated.
When they commented, the sight of their fingers typing on the keyboard was magnificent.
“My Su Bei is always great at fighting back with the truth.
She never disappoints!”

“Fans, declare that you’ll always believe in Su Bei and that she won’t do anything wrong!”

“Zhang Baozhen, go die! You forced my Bei Bei to give up her beloved career, you piece of trash!”

“Liang Hanwen, Zhang Baozhen, Cai Anying, I warn you to stay away from Su Bei!”

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“Stay away from that scumbag and keep yourself safe, Su Bei.
It’s just a pity that you were tormented by this couple.”

“Bei Bei, have a good rest.
Your fans will always be waiting for you!”

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