Chapter 456: Treat Her As A Friend

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Su Bei had heard from Yue Ze that Lv Shan seemed to have quarreled with her fiancé.
Hence, she came over to accompany Lv Shan.
It was not convenient for her to bring Lu Heting along.

“I’m at home.” Lv Shan’s voice was lifeless, hollow, and low.

“I’ll be there soon.
What do you want to eat? I’ll buy it for you.” Su Bei was certain that she had not eaten dinner.

Lv Shan burst into tears.
Ever since she was hurt by Liang Hanwen, she had buried herself in work and was very distant from people.
Her temper was not very good either.

When she was in Chiyu Entertainment back then, she was known as the most difficult manager.
Over the years, she had made many enemies and had few friends.

Only Su Bei understood her.
She could relate to her pain and treated her genuinely as a friend.

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When she was facing issues with her fiancé, Liang Hanwen, and Zhang Baozhen, only Su Bei stood by her side and helped share her burden.

“I…” Lv Shan was about to speak when the doorbell rang.
“I’ll go open the door first.”

Lv Shan opened the door and saw a few people in white coats standing outside.
She had a bad feeling and asked, “Who are you people? What are you doing…”

Someone came forward and grabbed her while covering her mouth.

Lv Shan’s phone fell to the floor.

Those people quickly took Lv Shan away.

As they were all wearing white coats and stethoscopes, they looked like doctors.
When others saw them, they thought that they were just taking a patient away for treatment.

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Lv Shan’s mouth was covered, and she could not cry for help.

In order to protect her child, she bent down to protect her child.
It just made her look even more like a patient.

Thus, the passersby thought that nothing was unusual about this scene.
Lv Shan was then brought into a car.

Su Bei was already driving along the road and was about to arrive.
She heard Lv Shan open the door and a commotion soon broke out on the other side.
She also heard Lv Shan’s questioning voice.
Su Bei’s heart skipped a beat and a bad premonition arose.

She immediately called Lv Shan again, but she could not get through.

Right when her car arrived at Lv Shan’s neighborhood, she saw that a group of people was bringing Lv Shan into a car.

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Su Bei immediately became alert and linked the matter to Zhang Baozhen.

She had worked with Lv Shan for a long time, so she knew that Lv Shan had competitors at work.
However, Zhang Baozhen was the only one who would use such a method to forcefully deal with people.

She immediately drove after the car.

At the same time, Su Bei called Yue Ze.
“Yue Ze, aren’t you supposed to be meeting Zhang Baozhen? Is she with you?”

“No, she’s already 40 minutes late.” Yue Ze glanced at the time.
“What’s the matter?”

“Zhang Baozhen seems to have gotten people to kidnap Sister Lu.
I’ll follow her.”

“Su Bei! Don’t follow them! It’s dangerous!” Yue Ze yelled to stop her.
“Where are you?”

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Su Bei could not care less.
She could not watch as Zhang Baozhen took Lv Shan away.
She could not watch as something happened to the child.

As a mother, she was instinctively fond of babies and children.
Su Bei could not allow others to use despicable means to abort the child.

She immediately called the police and followed the car in hers.

Actually, Lu Heting’s car was right behind her.

Su Bei had told him it was regarding Lv Shan’s problems and that Lu Heting could not help her with this.
Hence, she asked him to stay at home to accompany Da Bao.

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