Chapter 452: Starting To Be Cold

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Seeing Zhang Baozhen like this, Cai Anying’s eyes sparkled.
It looked like Su Bei was going to have to fight this battle.
Who asked her to have a manager like Lv Shan?

Su Huixian had everything under control with the matter regarding Lv Shan.
She had investigated everything and used what she found to attack Su Bei at this crucial moment.
It was really useful.

Once Su Bei went down, she would be able to smoothly ascend the throne.
The ridicule from before would also disappear with time.

In the future, Cai Anying would be the only one standing in the modeling industry, while Su Bei would no longer exist!

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Lv Shan met with Yue Ze.

“Sorry for causing so much trouble to you and Su Bei,” Lv Shan said to Yue Ze.

Yue Ze was dressed in a light gray suit with gold-rimmed glasses.
He looked refined and calm, but he was very good at handling things.

Lv Shan handed the evidence she had saved back then to Yue Ze.
“You can see my chat with Liang Hanwen here.
I didn’t know that he would remarry so soon.
At that time, he had just lost his wife.
The outside world thought that he was single, and I was no exception.
He pursued me first, and I did have the intention of marrying him.
However, I also knew that there was a huge difference between our statuses, so I didn’t ask for a public relationship and kept it a low profile.

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“Later, the media exposed that he had remarried.
I was very angry.
I went to look for him and quarreled with him a few times, forcing him to make a choice between me or his wife.
This was my only mistake.
I shouldn’t have taken it too hard.
But later, I gradually came to my senses and left the relationship.
After that, I never saw him again—except in public.”

“I know.” Yue Ze nodded and took the evidence.
“If Zhang Baozhen continues to cause trouble, we’ll release the evidence.”

“I hope that day won’t come.
I’m getting married soon, and my in-laws are from an ordinary family.
I’m afraid they’ll think the same way about me as Zhang Baozhen.”

When Lv Shan was a manager in the past, her strange temperament was all a pretense.
It was all because she had suffered too much from Liang Hanwen’s incident.

Now that she had a fiancé, she treasured him very much.
She was also afraid that if what happened before was exposed, her fiancé would treat her differently.

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Yue Ze nodded.
“I’ll talk to Zhang Baozhen privately.
I hope that day won’t come as well.”

He then got lost in thought for a while.
Then, he realized that Lv Shan had left her phone on the table.
She had forgotten to take it with her.

Yue Ze quickly paid for the coffee and went to Lv Shan’s neighborhood.
He had asked Su Bei for Lv Shan’s house address as he planned to return her phone.

After saying goodbye to Yue Ze after their meet-up, Lv Shan returned home.

Her fiancé had also arrived home.
When he saw her, he pulled her to sit down and said, “Have you forgotten that you’re pregnant? Why did you go out? What do you want to tell me? Hurry up and tell me.
I still have a meeting to attend.”

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“I once dated someone in the past.” Lv Shan finally mustered up her courage and said, “He was much older than me.”

“I know.
You’ve talked about it.
Is there anything else important you want to tell me?” Her fiancé looked at his watch, distracted.

“That man had a wife, but I didn’t know about it at the time.
Once I found out, I broke up with him.
I just didn’t expect that his wife would come looking for me again,” Lv Shan continued.

She did not realize that her fiancé was already putting up resistance against her, and his gaze had turned cold.

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