Chapter 451: Taking Advantage Of The Child

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Her husband had been facing some situations recently.
Although she had not caught him red-handed yet, the mistress was most likely Lv Shan.

Lv Shan and Liang Hanwen had a past record.
She did not believe that they had really broken up.
They must have rekindled the flame.

Getting Lv Shan to abort the child was just a warning to them!

Now, it all depended on whether Su Bei would protect her career or her manager.

Su Bei also saw Zhang Baozhen’s post and knew at a glance that it was directed to her.

Lv Shan would definitely not agree to the request.
Hence, she could only pin her hopes on herself and handle this matter.

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However, Zhang Baozhen was wrong about Su Bei.
She was not someone who would compromise in the face of threats.

Yue Ze soon called.
“Su Bei, is Zhang Baozhen targeting you?”

“How do you know?”

“I don’t.
I only know that you met her today.
What happened?”

Su Bei did not hide anything from him and told him about Lv Shan.

Yue Ze pondered for a moment.
“It looks like Zhang Baozhen is forcing you to settle Lv Shan’s affairs.
Once you’re embroiled in a cheating scandal, you’ll be doomed.”

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“Yes, but even so, we can’t let Sister Lu be at the mercy of others, right? Besides, Sister Lu is getting married soon.
The child is her fiancé’s.
No one has the right to make her abort the child.”

Yue Ze agreed with Su Bei’s point of view.
“I need more evidence to prove Lv Shan’s innocence and prepare for your PR plan.”

“I’ll give you some evidence.
As for the rest, I’ll have to trouble you to look for Sister Lu,” Su Bei said, “I’m sorry for troubling you with this matter.”

Yue Ze did not find it troublesome.
As an agent, he had a duty and responsibility to deal with these situations.

A while after Su Bei left, Zhang Baozhen posted that statement on Weibo.
Lu Heting easily guessed that it had something to do with Su Bei and Lv Shan.

He immediately asked Lu Hang to investigate what was the situation with Lv Shan and her child.

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That way, if anyone used this matter to bully Su Bei and make a big fuss, he would be able to respond in time.

Cai Anying sat beside Zhang Baozhen and said, “Lv Shan is really cunning.
She refuses to admit it even now.
When the child is born, she’ll definitely come to snatch your family’s assets.
By relying on her child, she has nothing to fear.”

Cai Anying had only recently entered Zhang Baozhen’s circle of friends.
Of course, it was also because of Su Huixian’s current status that she had a place in the circle of socialites.

Otherwise, with her qualifications, she could only rely on plastic surgery to become a mini-Su Bei.
She would not be able to leave an impression on a socialite like Zhang Baozhen.

Zhang Baozhen blew out a smoke ring.
“Are you sure you saw Lv Shan with my husband?”

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“Although I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I heard people talk about it.
You saw those photos too.
Don’t you believe me?”

Zhang Baozhen did see the photos, but they were all from four years ago.

The reason why she was willing to believe Cai Anying’s words was because her husband had indeed become much colder to her recently.
Something must have happened outside.

Without a child between them, they were indeed more fragile than the typical couple.

She had to take out her anger on Lv Shan!

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