Chapter 436: Never Work With Sun Man Again

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“Not only was she never sick but she even drank so much wine and wore such a sexy outfit! I wonder if there are any other photos?”

“Where did she get the confidence to question Su Bei for stealing her job and accusing the brand? Did Su Bei force her to drink the wine?”

Walter was considered to be sparing Sun Man a little dignity.
He only showed a few photos and did not take them all out.
Otherwise, Sun Man’s reputation might be ruined on the spot.

Walter said, “Although HU isn’t the world’s top brand for wristwatches, we have our own corporate spirit and culture.
We value our partners very much.
We hope that our partners are outstanding people who are as hardworking, motivated, and honest as us.

“We not only hope to provide quality wristwatches to the world but also hope to inspire taste and grace, as well as moral qualities.

“Upon discovering fraudulent behavior and that a partner had harmed a colleague, we’ll naturally strongly condemn it.
Today, we solemnly announce the termination of our working relationship with Ms.
Sun Man in our next runway show.
We will also demand compensation from her as per the laws.
On behalf of HU, I can say that we will never consider working with her again!

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“This is the statement HU wanted to share today.
Thank you for coming.”

The reporters recorded this scene.
“HU will never work with Sun Man again!”

“Sun Man lied! HU made an appearance to seek justice for the brand and Su Bei.”

“What an expose! Sun Man’s lie has been exposed and her image has collapsed.”

Walter had no idea who provided him the photos but was grateful to the person.

Obviously, that person was not only helping HU but also Su Bei.

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After the news was exposed, the biggest beneficiary was Su Bei.
Not only could she clear her name from wronging Sun Man but she would also gain sympathy.

Walter’s feelings for Su Bei and Sun Man were different.
Now, he only wanted her to be successful!

As for who took the photos…

Of course, Mr.
Walter would never think that Lu Heting had gotten someone to take the photos.

He discovered that Sun Man was targeting Su Bei, so he immediately arranged for his men to find out Sun Man’s whereabouts and see what she was doing.

That was how these photos were taken.

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Lu Heting had his own reasons for handing these photos to Mr.
Walter and not Sheng Tang.

Firstly, Mr.
Walter held a more convincing role.

Secondly, he did not want Su Bei to go back and forth between the company and home just to clarify the matter about Sun Man.

He would shield his woman from the wind and rain.
This was just a small matter.

Sun Man did not expect the photos of her drinking with the investors to be exposed.

This was supposed to be kept a secret.

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She had wanted to embarrass Su Bei.
After applying for sick leave, she immediately went to see the investors for other projects.

Those investors were all very influential and wealthy.
For the sake of future resources, Sun Man drank a lot of alcohol.

Moreover, she firmly believed that no one would dare to secretly take photos of them.
After all, no media outlet was willing to offend these investors.

However, she had underestimated Lu Heting.
No matter who it was, his men would still take photos of them all the same.

She had misjudged Mr.
Walter too.
Of course, he had to expose the photos that should be exposed.

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