d, “Hu and Miss Sun Man initially shared a working relationship and we wouldn’t have canceled her runway show.
However, we found out that Miss Sun Man was actually not sick during the last runway show.
She was drinking and dancing in a nightclub!

“I don’t know why Miss Sun Man would do that, and I don’t want to pry into other people’s private matters either.
However, HU won’t tolerate lying and having deceitful working partners.

“This is the real reason why we terminated our cooperation with her!”

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The reporters instantly went into an uproar.
“Sun Man wasn’t sick? But she showed her medical leave slip.”

“She doesn’t even care about her job and went to have fun in a nightclub? She even caused Su Bei to be criticized so harshly.
She shouldn’t blame others for canceling her appearance.”

“But where’s the evidence? If there’s no evidence, how can you wrongly accuse a female artist?”

Walter showed a photo.
It was a photo of Sun Man drinking and singing in a nightclub with some investors on the night of the HU’s wristwatch show.

Walter had received plenty of such photos.
Sun Man had probably drunk no less than ten bottles of wine that night.

How could a sick person who needed to be hospitalized drink so much?

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Walter was a cautious man.
When he received the photos, he made a special effort to investigate and verify the authenticity of the photos.

When the photos were confirmed to be real, he was extremely angry.

In order to be qualified to work with HU, the models not only needed to have potential but had to be diligent as well.
They needed to be honest and have good morals!

Otherwise, the brand would have to pay for the scandals the models got involved in later!

“So Sun Man really wasn’t sick! She put on an act and even made a fake medical leave slip!”

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