Why didn’t you just die somewhere? Why did you come back to steal everything from me?” Su Huixian clenched her fists.

“Hello, everyone.
I’m Su Bei, Number Twenty.” Su Bei could speak fluent English and her words were clear and articulate, showing how confident she was.

“Su Bei, you’re late.
What do you have to say for yourself?” One of the judges began with a difficult question.

“I arrived three whole seconds before my scheduled time, so I don’t think I’m late.
Otherwise, you would have all gotten up and left by now, right?” Su Bei said with a smile.

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The atmosphere in the room suddenly lightened.
The judges all smiled with satisfaction.
Her pronunciation was perfect, which naturally left a good impression on them.

The rest of the interview went smoothly.
Su Bei was able to communicate fluently with the judges in English, which received praises from all judges.

The wider the smiles on the judges faces, the gloomier Su Huixian’s face looked.

The judges had a long conversation with Su Bei, longer than the conversations with the rest of the candidates put together.

Finally, they scored her.

As expected, Su Bei got the highest score.

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That was to say, she directly qualified to be a participant in the Orisa International Show!

Of course, the rankings changed as well.
Now that Su Bei was in the first place, the previous candidate who was in the first place got the second place, and so on.

The change in rankings didn’t really affect most of them.
Those who hadn’t qualified were still unable to get onto the stage of the Orisa International Show.

As for the candidates who had previously ranked first to fourth, they still qualified.

It was only Su Huixian, whose rank had jumped from fifth to sixth, that had lost her qualification!

After thanking the judges, Su Bei pushed her motorcycle and walked out valiantly.

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