Chapter 419 – A Man Without A Status In The Family

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When she reached the designated spot, she stopped elegantly and posed for everyone to take a look at her clothes and for the reporters to take photos.

It was at this moment that she saw Lu Heting in the VIP area.

He was sitting with Lu Weijian, Da Bao, and Gun Gun.
In order to protect their children, they were all keeping a low profile.

However, Su Bei still sensed his presence in an instant.

No matter when or where, she always seemed to be able to clearly sense the man.
When he was with her, he always seemed different.

With him and her two children around, Su Bei's footsteps became more free and easy.

The professionals sitting below the stage nodded in approval..
Su Bei did not have a good slot, and her clothes were not the best.
However, her performance made people think that she was the best and the clothes she was wearing could impress everyone.

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After this fashion show, many professionals had formed a deep impression of Su Bei.

Many invitations were sent to Yue Ze through emails and phone calls.

After changing her clothes, Su Bei received a call from Lu Heting and went straight to the underground parking lot to look for them.

When she got in the car, Gun Gun pounced into her arms and said, ”Bei Bei, you're so awesome! I want to quickly grow up and stand by your side in the future. ”

”Okay, Gun Gun.
Then you should eat more. ”

I'll eat three bowls of rice and a big apple tomorrow in kindergarten. ”

It seemed that Gun Gun no longer hated kindergarten.

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Da Bao was much calmer.
”Bei Bei, you're getting better and better. ”

”Thank you, Da Bao. ”

”Su Bei, the feedback tonight was good.
When I was in the audience, I heard many people praising you, ” Lu Heting said with a smile.

”Thank you. ”

Lu Heting felt a pang in his heart.
Su Bei had affectionately called out to Da Bao and Gun Gun but merely perfunctorily thanked him.

Indeed, he had no status in the family.

”Where's Mr.
Weijian? ” Su Bei asked.

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”He had something to do, so he left first, ” Lu Heting said.

Actually, he was the one who chased him away.
His car could only fit a family of four.
Five would be too many.

If Lu Weijian had to be with them, he would be in the trunk instead of sitting with them.

When Liao Xintong stepped out, she saw Lu Weijian driving away alone.

Of course, she did not see Lu Heting and his family.
The security measures were so good that she did not know anything about them.

Liao Xintong smiled.
She knew it! Lu Weijian and Su Bei did not have a close relationship.

Otherwise, Lu Weijian would have brought Su Bei away long ago.

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Lu Weijian was good at everything but it was hard to understand him.
The only reason why he was so close to Su Bei was probably because he wanted to sign a contract with her.
He just wanted to grow his business potential and value.

Thinking of this, she felt that Su Bei was nothing special.

Yue Ze received many invitations and endorsement deals for Su Bei.

Among the clients, there were even luxury brands that many models could never even dream to pursue.

He took the list and went to Tang Xinru.
”President Tang, look… ”

”I've already said that I'd give Su Bei three months.
During this time, I won't force her to make a choice. ” Although Tang Xinru felt that it was a pity, she could not force Su Bei.

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