Chapter 41: Chapter 41 Narrowly Pass the Test

While Qiu Minxuan was fixing Su Huixian’s makeup, she said, “It seems that Su Bei is really out of luck today.
I heard that the car she is using has broken down on the winding mountain road.
Now she is trapped there.”

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Su Huixian shook her head regretfully.
“Su Bei has always been unlucky.
But I didn’t expect that even today, fate won’t favor her.”

“Well, even if her car didn’t break down, she would still fail.
According to the rules of the second-round test, all candidates must wear a black outfit.
And you are only allowed to change in the backstage dressing room.
The dressing room was already closed, so she couldn’t make it anymore,” Qiu Minxuan said with a smile.

“It’s time for my entrance.
Just wait for my good news outside.” Su Huixian tidied up her clothes, and went to the interview room.

This round was different from the initial test.
This time, all the nineteen models entered the room together for the interview.

The judges were more stringent and fairer than last time.
They would also give their scores on the spot, so everyone could see each other’s scores.

After the interview, Su Huixian just ranked fifth out of the nineteen models.

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Five models in S Country would be selected in this competition.

If no accident happened, Su Huixian would narrowly pass the test.

Her lips curved into a triumphant smile.
She was confident that she would succeed.

Even if Su Bei made it to the competition, she definitely wouldn’t beat her.

But Su Bei couldn’t show up.

“Congratulations, Huixian!” Qiu Minxuan exclaimed with a bright smile on her face.
You’ve finally gotten what you want.”

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“In the following days, I need you to arrange my schedule well.”

“Of course! After participating in Orisa’s big show, there will be countless activities for you.
You will definitely have a full schedule.
You will also become S Country’s newest supermodel.” Qiu Minxuan’s eyes gleamed with excitement.

After all, her every success also meant a huge salary increase for her.

Several blonde and blue-eyed judges looked at the last name on the list.
They then shouted, “Number Twenty, Su Bei.
It’s your turn.”

However, no one stepped forward or even answered.

The other models exchanged glances and looked around, wondering where Su Bei could be.
It seemed that they didn’t even notice her when they were still preparing for the test just now.

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No way.
How could anyone just waste such a good opportunity?

To make it to the second-round test was every model’s dream.
After all, models who seized this opportunity could completely improve their social status and change their destiny.

“Su Bei, are you here? According to the rules of this competition, you still have one minute to come here.
If you don’t make it on time, we will have to disqualify you,” one of the judges reminded according to the procedure.

Still, there was no answer.

The judges started to pack their things.
They had already worked hard interviewing the nineteen candidates.

They couldn’t stay and wait for a model who couldn’t even follow the rules.
Such kind of model didn’t deserve new opportunities.
It seemed that Su Bei couldn’t really make it.

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The five models would be chosen based on their scores.
And they would soon be on the stage of the Orisa International Show.

The rest of the models now felt relaxed.
Since the results had come out, they didn’t need to be nervous anymore.

Su Bei, who was not able to come today, should also bear her own consequences.

As time went by, a trace of regret gradually surfaced on Su Huixian’s face.
Deep in her heart, she was counting the time that was left.
“Ten, nine, eight, seven…”

When she counted to the last three seconds, the door of the interview room suddenly opened.
Then a motorcycle with a streamlined body appeared in front of everyone.

Riding on it was a slender young woman wearing a black racing suit.
She looked so valiant.

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