Chapter 418 – How Deep Are His Feelings?

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Fawning over the powerful? Stepping on the weak? Fame and fortune? All of these did not apply!

This was the truth.

Su Bei said calmly, ”No need.
Let's go according to our original plan. ”

Lu Weijian took a look at Jin Youde and said, ”I'll head out first, Bei Bei. ”

Jin Youde almost peed his pants when he saw Lu Weijian's gaze.
If he offended Mr..
Weijian, he would have to sweep the street tomorrow.

Jin Qiu was also trembling.
”Uncle, what should I do? ”

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”This is your mess to clean up! ” Jin Youde waved his hand and left.

Everyone hurriedly got ready, and their attitudes toward Su Bei had changed as well.

If Su Bei was really a snob, she would have mentioned Lu Weijian a long time ago.

She did not have to swap slots with Sun Man just to win Liao Xintong's favor!

Liao Xintong also felt a little embarrassed.
She had humiliated herself.

Was it because Su Bei knew that she had a special relationship with the Lu family, so she decided to agree to her favor?

Sun Man thought so too.
Although she did not know about Gun Gun, she knew that Liao Xintong had a good relationship with the Lu family.

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She said in a low voice, ”How deep could Mr.
Weijian's feelings for Su Bei be? The only reason Su Bei was willing to give in to you is your extraordinary relationship with Lu Group.
These people changed their impressions of Su Bei so quickly but I won't change my initial impression of her! ”

The fashion show was about to start.

Jin Qiu did not manage to swap her slot and was still the second to go on stage.

She was not feeling well to begin with.
Besides, she was so frightened just now.
When she stepped onto the stage, her face was deathly pale.
She was cowering and could not relax at all.

Forget about comparing herself to Su Bei and the model who had the opening slot, she could not even compare to bar girls right now.

Tonight's fashion show was not a big show but her performance was already so lacking.
It seemed that in the future, she could only rely on her family's connections to book herself a spot in the next fashion show.
Of course, it was on the premise that her family's connections were still untouched and her uncle could survive in the real estate industry.

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Although Sun Man had changed into better clothes and shoes, she did not perform better than Jin Qiu.

The organizers of the fashion show initially gave Su Bei a middle slot because the clothes that would be showcased in the middle had higher requirements for the models wearing them.
Hence, Director Xiu had asked Sun Man if she could do it.

Sun Man had never felt that she was any different from Su Bei.

However, she just barely completed the catwalk without falling or making any mistakes.

Her performance did not go anywhere else beyond that.

It could not be considered outstanding.

Although the audience did not see a problem with her walk, they only knew that her performance was ordinary.

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There was no shortage of professionals in the audience.
They secretly shook their heads.
It had already been determined that Sun Man's future career path would become narrow and filled with more obstacles.

Su Bei did not have a good slot at all.
She was the second-last to go out on stage, so the crowd was already a little tired.

Her clothes were not very outstanding either.

However, when she raised her head, the look of confidence on her face was clear.
It gave people the feeling that no matter what she wore, she would still have the same soaring confidence and strong aura.

She strode on the stage confidently.

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