Chapter 412 – Critical Hit

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Then, Da Bao picked up his schoolbag and ran into the kindergarten.

Finally, there was an obedient and cute role model for others to follow in his footsteps.
The teacher hurriedly said, ”Children, look! A brave boy has walked into the kindergarten.
Do you want to go in with him? ”

Some children stopped crying and looked at Gun Gun.
Gun Gun's round face was very cute.
It not only melted Su Bei's heart but also a few of the children's hearts.

Immediately, some children nodded in tears, indicating that they were willing to follow Gun Gun.

With this, the rest of the children also quickly stopped crying and trailed along.

At the entrance of the kindergarten, the crying had finally stopped.
Everyone began to line up and enter the kindergarten in an orderly manner..

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Tears welled up in Su Bei's eyes.
She could not bear to leave Gun Gun either.

Gun Gun was different from Da Bao.
His body was not as healthy as Da Bao's, and he was not as good at taking care of himself as Da Bao was.
He was a little boy who still needed his mother's protection.

She wondered if Da Bao would be able to take care of himself in kindergarten.

”Let's go back. ” Seeing that Su Bei's eyes were red, Lu Heting handed her a tissue.

After getting in the car, Su Bei gradually calmed down.
”I hope my Gun Gun can quickly grow up. ”

The corners of Lu Heting's lips lifted slightly.
Su Bei had acknowledged Gun Gun.
How far was he from getting acknowledged by her?

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Old Master Lu and Matriarch Lu were disappointed, and their car drove away.

”If Lu Heting can't bring that child back to see me when the time comes, I'll see how he'll explain it to me! ” Old Master Lu said angrily.

Lu, who was in the other car, also asked the driver to drive away.

She saw that the relationship between Su Bei and Gun Gun was sincere.
Plus, there was Da Bao too.
Lu started to think a little more highly of Su Bei.

At this moment, Liao Xintong called.

”Aunt, can I pick Gun Gun up after kindergarten? ”

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”Well, you know that Heting is strict with when you can meet Gun Gun.
I can't help you persuade him anymore, ” Mrs.
Lu said awkwardly.

Liao Xintong smiled.
”Aunt, Gun Gun has already started calling me 'Mommy'. ”

”Really? ” Mrs.
Lu was surprised and a little worried.

Over the years, Lu Heting had refused to date.
Lu had shown Gun Gun many photos of women, hoping that Gun Gun would choose a suitable woman and persuade Lu Heting.

However, the countless photos that she showed Gun Gun were all thrown into the trash can.
He was so angry that he did not want to look at them anymore.

If he was calling Liao Xintong 'Mommy' now, it meant that Liao Xintong had really won his heart.

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However, Su Bei had returned and even brought Da Bao back…

Liao Xintong smiled happily.
”Aunt, I didn't expect that this day would come.
Maybe Gun Gun has already opened his heart up to me.
I want to start raising him as soon as possible to make up for the motherly love he has lacked all these years. ”

Lu didn't say anything for a long time.

Liao Xintong thought that Mrs.
Lu was too surprised to speak.

Only Mrs.
Lu knew what was going on with herself.
Initially, she was leaning more toward Su Bei.
Now, the scales had shifted and she was leaning more toward Liao Xintong.
In her heart, the two women were tied yet again.

When Mrs.
Lu called Lu Heting and asked if he could let Liao Xintong pick Gun Gun up from kindergarten, she was dealt with a critical hit.

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