Chapter 411 – Not His Son

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Gun Gun turned around and leaned into Su Bei's arms.
”Will you pick me up later today? ”

”Of course, I will. ” Su Bei stroked Gun Gun's head.

At the side, Old Master Lu and Matriarch Lu were sitting inside a car and looking outside.

Although Lu Heting had refused to let them send Gun Gun to kindergarten, the two elders could not help but come early in the morning.

They did not know that Da Bao had already entered primary school.
They thought that they could see Gun Gun and Da Bao today.

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Lu also came over in another car.
Like Old Master Lu and Matriarch Lu, she did not get out of the car but just watched from a distance..

After a while, Lu Heting and Su Bei got down from the car.
Su Bei held the round child in her arms.

Old Master Lu and Matriarch Lu looked around.
”Why is there only Gun Gun? Where's the other child? ”

After looking around, the two elders were disappointed to find that there was no other kid.

Old Master Lu asked, ”Why is that child not here? Is it possible that Heting was just coaxing us so that we would accept Su Bei? ”

After asking the question, he had the answer.
Lu Heting would not do such a stupid thing.
He would not lie to them.

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”Could it be that he knew that we'd be coming today, so he hid the other child from us? ” Matriarch Lu made a guess.

However, even after guessing for a long time she still could not figure out why.

Since they did not get to see their beloved great-grandson, they looked at Su Bei instead.

They were satisfied with Su Bei's appearance today.
She looked like a gentle and kind woman.
They saw her holding Gun Gun in her arms, whispering something to him.

However, it seemed that Gun Gun was not very happy.
His round little hands were rubbing his eyes.

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Old Master Lu felt so sorry for his great-grandson but was not able to step forward.

It was all because of Lu Heting.

”It's because she's not his biological mother, so this kind of situation arises, ” Matriarch Lu murmured to herself.
When Gun Gun was with Liao Xintong, he had never been wronged like this.

She had never seen Da Bao before, nor had she seen the interactions between Su Bei and Gun Gun.
She could only compare the two women based on what she had seen.
Because of this, Su Bei was at a disadvantage.

Old Master Lu snorted.
At the moment, he thought that Liao Xintong and Su Bei were on par with each other.
Both of them had Lu Heting's child, although Liao Xintong's child was birthed by her sister.

At the entrance of the kindergarten, all the children were crying.
None of them was willing to leave their parents.

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Gun Gun rubbed his eyes, unwilling to leave Su Bei.

”I won't go to kindergarten.
I'll wait for you at home, okay? ” Gun Gun refused to let go of Su Bei's neck.

”If you don't go to kindergarten, you won't be able to grow up.
Then you won't be able to protect the girl you like.
Look at you, you can't even carry Bei Bei.
How can you protect her in the future? ” Lu Heting looked directly into Gun Gun's eyes and asked seriously.

Gun Gun lowered his head and looked at his short and chubby hands.
Finally, he made up his mind.
”I'll go now! Daddy, I'll grow taller and stronger than you very soon.
Hmph! ”

He said to Su Bei, ”Bei Bei, wait for me! ”

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