Chapter 407: I’ll Beat You Up First

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The results were also released in a few minutes.
Everyone got their results.

As they were very close to each other, they quickly ran over.

Gang Gang who just slammed the door suddenly rushed toward his parents and shouted happily, “I passed! I passed!”

The children broke the silence in the room.
Gang Gang’s parents shouted happily, “Oh my, my son is so amazing! He passed the exam and is going to skip to the third grade.”

Some of the other students also passed the exam, but some did not.
For those who unfortunately failed, their families were dejected and silent.

Those who passed the exam were all very happy.

However, because of Lu Heting’s cold aura, even though everyone was laughing, they did not seem to be able to talk loudly.

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Su Bei asked nervously, “How did Da Bao do?”

“The classroom where they’re taking the fifth grade exam is far away.
We might have to wait for two more minutes.” Lu Heting comforted her.

Their son definitely passed the exam.

“Gang Gang, you did a great job! I’ll shower you with praises later! Tell me what you want and I’ll buy it!” Gang Gang’s father said so loudly that it drowned the voices of everyone else.

The atmosphere in the classroom gradually calmed down.

There was a soft knock on the door, followed by Da Bao’s polite and cold voice.
“Can I come in?”

“Come in, baby!” Su Bei hurriedly opened the door and led him in.
“How did it go?”

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Everyone also saw Da Bao and Gang Gang immediately asked, “Su Zhuoqian, didn’t you give up on the exam? Why haven’t you left yet?”

“I passed the exam, Su Bei,” Da Bao told Su Bei.

“I knew it! My Da Bao is the best! Da Bao, you’re the best!” Su Bei smiled brightly and kissed him on the cheek.
“Do you want some water?”

“Okay.” Da Bao nodded slightly.
When he spoke to Su Bei, his tone became warmer.

Lu Heting nodded.
“I’ll go buy some.”

He turned around and walked out.

Su Bei and Da Bao sat down and chatted.

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After Lu Heting left, the oppressive atmosphere in the waiting room disappeared.
Everyone started talking loudly again.

Someone asked Da Bao, “Su Zhuoqian, did you take the exam for the first grade?”

Since he said that he had passed the exam but was not in the classroom where the third grade exam took place, many naturally thought that he chose to take the first grade exam instead.

With his age and academic background, it seemed very reasonable for him to take the first grade exam.

“No,” Da Bao denied it but was too lazy to say more.

“Did you take the second grade exam, then?”

Da Bao shook his head gently.

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Gang Gang walked over and asked, “So which grade did you get into? You’re not a good kid if you lie.”

Da Bao ignored him and looked at him coldly.

However, Su Bei did not want to tolerate Gang Gang anymore.
She said calmly, “Hey, no matter what grade Su Zhuoqian is in, he won’t be in the same grade as you.
Don’t worry.”

Gang Gang clenched his fists and said, “Of course, he can’t be in the same year as me.
With his small frame, I can beat him up with one punch!”

His tone was so arrogant that the other parents could not stand to watch the scene anymore.

Su Bei said coldly, “Then you can give it a try.
I’ll beat you up first.”

“What are you talking about? It’s just a joke between children.
As a parent, how can you threaten a child?” Gang Gang’s mother was unhappy and rushed over.

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