Chapter 391: Su Bei Is Too Arrogant

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The person in charge of YS immediately said, “Mr.
Lu, we’ll definitely investigate this matter thoroughly!”

“Of course.
But the most important thing now is how we should deal with the matter of Su Bei’s clothes.”

YS was also a little anxious.
The reason why they were willing to lend the newest evening gown that was the only one of its kind in S Country to Su Bei was, of course, because of her influence.
The intimate interaction between Su Bei and the two masters of the orchestras that night had let her name be known in the entire classical music industry.

The socialites in the classical music circle were important customers of YS, so Su Bei’s first appearance in Sheng Tang was of great significance to YS as well.

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“We’ll make arrangements for Su Bei right away.
Thank you for your reminder.”

“I hope you can get it done in 20 minutes.” Lu Heting glanced at the time, worried that the delivery man was going to come and pick up the gown soon.

As soon as the person in charge of YS put down the phone, he immediately checked and found that an authoritative designer in the company, Wade, was currently in Jingdu City in S Country.
He was not far from Sheng Tang.

“Thank the Lord!” The person in charge of YS immediately dialed Wade’s number.

While Su Bei and Lv Shan were waiting for the delivery man to bring the gown over, a group of blonde and blue-eyed foreigners arrived at Sheng Tang.
They went straight to Su Bei.

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“Miss Su, we’re from YS.
I’m Wade, a designer.
I’m here to give you this new design that I made for next year’s show.”

Su Bei asked in surprise, “Are you going to let me wear the gown that’s supposed to be released next year?”

“Miss Su, you’re a promising new talent that YS has chosen.
The company values your commercial worth very much.
Miss Su, it’s my honor to have my design become your battle gown on the red carpet tonight.”

Wade knew that the company valued Su Bei and wanted to cooperate with her for a long time.

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After seeing Su Bei’s figure and temperament for himself, as a designer, he acknowledged Su Bei’s value.
It had nothing to do with commercial value.
It was purely because of her beautiful figure.
It was God’s masterpiece, and she was the muse that inspired fashion designers.

“Thank you, Mr.
Thank you so much.” Su Bei accepted it generously.

Lv Shan and Xiao Lan could not help but feel that Su Bei had profited from a disaster.
No, her good fortune was not because of a disaster but because of her own value.

Wade personally watched over things while his female assistant helped Su Bei change into the gown.

The evening gown that Wade gave to Su Bei had not been released yet.
It was more delicate and beautiful.
This design was more appropriate for the event than the initial gown Su Bei received.
After changing into the gown, she looked like a fairy who had descended into the mortal world.

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The light in Wade’s eyes could not be concealed.
He was also very excited that his work was being worn by this beautiful fairy.
“Miss Su, goodbye.
I think I’m inspired now.
Thank you.”

After Wade left, Lv Shan took out the parcel and asked, “Su Bei, did the delivery man get this gown from your house? Do you want me to lock it up for you as well?”

“Yeah, sure.” Su Bei could not help laughing.

Xiao Lan was happy after watching Su Bei change into her new gown.
When she walked out, she saw that Hao Jiali had also gotten herself a new gown.
It was a luxurious gown from a luxury brand.
It was a starry gown that was very dazzling and eye-catching.
It would definitely be the highlight of tonight’s red carpet.

Hao Jiali’s assistant told her and Jian Ping, “Su Bei has a bad temper and is really stubborn.
She gave up YS’s newest design and got a delivery man to pick up a gown from her house.
I can’t imagine how outdated the style must be.”

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