When Su Huixian returned to the lounge, the expression on her face darkened.

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Qiu Minxuan, who followed her, said, “Huixian, I think that instructor doesn’t have a professional perspective at all.
If he is really good at judging a person’s ability, he won’t be staying here as a mere instructor for such a long time.
What do you think?”

“I actually don’t take his words seriously,” Su Huixian replied while looking at herself in the mirror.
She also had a beautiful face, gentler and more approachable than Su Bei.

However, this kind of beauty was a huge disadvantage for models.

She wanted to retouch her makeup, so she took out her pressed powder.
But when she touched the surface of the pressed powder, she exerted so much strength on her fingers as if she was going to crush it.

Didn’t Su Bei leave five years ago? She had been away from the Su family and the Du family for several years.
The two families didn’t welcome her anymore.
Why did she have to come back?

Qian Yu Entertainment Company already had Su Huixian.
Why did Su Bei still want a piece of the pie? Why did Su Bei always come to take everything that belonged to her?

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“Minxuan, who do you think is more hopeful, Su Bei or me?” Su Huixian asked Qiu Minxuan while looking at her image in the mirror.

Qiu Minxuan pinched her shoulders and said, “Of course, it’s you, Huixian.
What are you thinking? Why does Su Bei take everything that belongs to you? Huixian, you must have confidence in yourself.”

“I will definitely stand out and become one of the five selected models.
But I don’t want Su Bei to be even on the list.” Su Huixian leaned against the back of the chair and added, “She stole my father and my boyfriend before.
Should I also let her take my job?”


Qiu Minxuan understood what Su Huixian meant.

Last time, Su Huixian framed Su Bei using a condom, but she failed.
Su Bei was able to get out of the trouble.

But this time, Qiu Minxuan would never allow Su Bei to get through again.

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Su Bei was finally free at five o’clock in the afternoon.

The training was hard and exhausting, but she also had lots of fun.

As she walked on the stage, sweat trickled down her forehead.
But she felt relaxed both physically and mentally.

With a bath towel and her clothes in her hands, she went to the shower room to take a shower and wash away all her sweat.

A small face appeared in the mirror.
It was pure and beautiful without any makeup.
Su Bei wiped the remaining water stains on her face and stared at her delicate and fresh eyebrows that were never trimmed and her long curly eyelashes.

She smiled at her reflection.
She rarely wore makeup, but she was still beautiful enough.

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However, during the second-round test, she didn’t have any choice but to put on some makeup.

Qiu Minxuan suddenly appeared behind her and said with a smile, “Su Bei, the company has arranged a car for you.
You can go there in a while.
I hope your test goes well.”

“Thank you.” With a faint smile, Su Bei walked out together with Su Huixian.

“Miss Su, your car is here.
Please get in.” The driver courteously opened the car door for Su Huixian to get in.

Su Huixian got into a million-dollar car, followed by Qiu Minxuan.

Su Huixian smiled at Su Bei and said, “Su Bei, I’m leaving first.”

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Then an ordinary car stopped in front of Su Bei.

Su Huixian’s car had everything she needed: a sofa, a bed, a wardrobe, and a cosmetics cabinet.
She could enjoy all the comfort and convenience.

On the other hand, Su Bei’s car had nothing but seats.

Su Bei knew the rules of the entertainment industry.
It was a winner-take-all kind of industry.
Even if she and Su Huixian had the same agent, they had different recognition.
So they were given completely different treatments.

She was just a newcomer while Su Huixian was already quite famous.
And Su Huixian seemed to be the top-ranking star in Qian Yu Entertainment Company at the moment.

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