Chapter 384: My First Love Has Not Changed

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Fortunately, Sheng Tang shielded her today.
Otherwise, how would she explain to her fans where these things came from?

“I couldn’t stop him,” Gu Xifeng said.

If he said he could not stop him, then he definitely could not.

Su Bei rubbed her forehead and said, “Thank you, Third Little Brother.
Please help me stop him next time.”

“I’ll try my best.”

“Thank you, Third Little Brother.”

“Do you still like tulips and the Spanish Royal Orchestra? Which one do you prefer?” Gu Xifeng asked in a businesslike manner.
It seemed that he was going to report it to Feng Ze.

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Wait, Gu Xifeng had only arranged for the tulips and the Spanish Royal Orchestra?

What about the bluefin tuna and the Dublin Philharmonic?


Gu Xifeng did not know about these, so he was not the one who arranged for them.

“Did Second Brother arrange it?”

The second brother was Lin Yu.

Su Bei thought about his senseless character and realized that it would be possible that he was the one who arranged it.
If it were him, he would just have everyone gather for a hotpot meal.

After hanging up the phone, Su Bei immediately called Lu Weijian.

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When Gu Xifeng heard the busy tone on the other end of the line, his heart skipped a beat.
Dublin Philharmonic? Who was the one who arranged this? It was even comparable to his boss’ arrangement?

Lu Weijian and Lu Heting were sitting in the office.
They knew what had happened to Su Bei, but they did not expect that Su Huixian would take the initiative to slap her own face three times.


She was so stupid that they could not believe it.

“Are they really half-sisters? Why is there such a big difference? Sometimes, the genes between siblings are really more different than that between humans and pigs.”

Lu Heting gave him a knowing look.
Of course, Su Bei was the best.

At this moment, Su Bei’s phone rang.
Lu Weijian hurriedly answered it and put it on loudspeaker.

Weijian, did you make the arrangements in Huiyao Hotel tonight?”

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Lu Weijian nodded.
“Yes, it was me.
But my brother also helped you.
He wanted to celebrate you successfully signing onto a new company and hopes that your career will be smooth sailing.
We just want to show our support.”

It was because his brother wanted Su Bei to have a delicious feast while enjoying heavenly music.

However, he only made some small arrangements.
All his ideas were thanks to Lu Heting.
He only managed to invite the Dublin Philharmonic and Gringlass by using Lu Heting’s name.

“I know that you wanted me to go to Di Xing Media Company, Mr.
But I’m really sorry.
It’s not in line with my current development.
Weijian, you’d better give up on this idea,” Su Bei said seriously.

Lu Weijian was speechless.

‘My dear sister-in-law, I just want to see your smiling face.
I don’t care about the contract or anything else.

‘Even if you make hundreds of millions of yuan for Di Xing Media Company, it’s not as important as you giving my big brother a smile.’

Lu Weijian really wanted to shake Su Bei’s head and have her understand things.

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When he saw Lu Heting’s serious expression, he quickly dismissed the idea.

The law did not punish criminals, but Lu Heting might…

He coughed lightly and said, “Haha, I haven’t changed my mind yet.
If you want to come back in the future, Di Xing Media Company will always welcome you.”

He would just let her have her own thoughts about it.
There would come a day when she figured it out.

“Haha, thank you so much.
I’m going to take the subway now.” Su Bei smiled and hung up the phone.

Lu Heting picked up his clothes and walked out.

Why would he keep a car in his garage and let his wife take the subway?

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